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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Few Quick Items

The Aeros got the 5-4 win over the Oklahoma City Barons to sweep the series. Milwaukee beat San Antonio again, so points wise, the Aeros are still tied with Admirals for first place. And thanks to our pals in Rockford, who beat up on Chicago yet again, the Aeros, by our best calculation, are just two points away from clinching a playoff spot.

A few quick notes.

1. Patrick O'Sullivan did not play in the third period as a precautionary measure. He got the crap beat out of him over the weekend by the Barons -- who put him in their target -- and by some inept officiating that let him get beat up on. He was cramping and dehydrated during the second intermission, so it was decided to have him sit out. Robbie Earl suffered as well, and his third period ice time was also way reduced from what it normally would have been.

2. This weekend made it very clear that this team needs Matt Kassian healthy and back out on the ice. Pascal Morency might like to fight, but the team needs Kassian out there because Kassian's the kind of guy who can do to opposition scorers what the Barons were doing to O'Sullivan.

3. How great was it to see Nate Prosser back out there on the ice today? He saved some bacon numerous times in the game today, and Yeo was very complimentary of his game and very grateful to have his steadying influence back out on the ice.

4. Both Yeo and Jed Ortmeyer were very clear after the game that the team doesn't just want to make the playoffs. They want to keep winning and earn the number one seed.

5. Let's hear it for Ortmeyer. He played his 500th pro game on Friday night. And he was a huge influence in every game this weekend. The guys really seem to respect Ortmeyer, and when he's out there giving it everything he has, then they're going to go all out, too.

6. They next play on Thursday night when they host Chicago. And this game could be the one where they finally clinch a playoff spot in what has to be one of the toughest, most jumbled, most bizarre, most tight, playoff spot hunts ever.


Forecheck said...

1. I was worried about Sully. Hopefully he’ll heal up by Thursday. The Barons are simply a team full of goons right now plus Giroux. Maybe they should try playing hockey in the future – they might wind up with a better record.

2. Jean Hebert is a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible , terrible, terrible, terrible , terrible, terrible, terrible , terrible, terrible, terrible ref. Dude, when both teams and 6,000 fans all seem to simultaneously hate your guts, you have to realize there is something wrong with your calling.

3. How about Robbie Earl for one of the stars of the game? He was tearing up the ice the first two periods, and doing as well as could be expected in the third after the Barons’ Goon Patrol had gotten to him a couple of times.

4. In general, I thought both teams had a high energy level for the third game in three days.

5. OK , how about some projections by the “games remaining and record over past ten” method?

The Griffins have really cooled off with three straight losses, but Lake Erire is on fire (9-1-0-0) despite the fact that the City of Cleveland has recently banned all professional sports.

The Aeros have the best past ten in the West (7-2-0-1) with Texas and the Dekanich-less Admirals not far behind.

The wheels have really come off in Rochester (3 points), not that they were in it anyway.

So, here are the West Division projections:

Milwaukee Admirals 103
Houston Aeros 100
Texas Stars 97
Chicago Wolves 90
Peoria Rivermen 87
Oklahoma City Barons 87
San Antonio Rampage 85
Rockford IceHogs 83

Peoria wins the tie with OKC based on wins. Will the rivermen make the playoffs?

To answer, here is the North Division projections:

Lake Erie Monsters 101
Manitoba Moose 94
Hamilton Bulldogs 90
Abbotsford Heat 89
Toronto Marlies 88
Grand Rapids Griffins 87
Rochester Americans 69

So after a hard day of work at what is left of the Caterpillar Works, Rivermen fans will be watching the playoffs on AHLlive. That is assuming AHLlive actually works.

6. Did I mention Jean Hebert is a horrible ref?

Forecheck said...

And am I correct in that our "magic number" is 2?

That is the number of points we get or Chicago fails to get?

Our number against Peoria should be one since they cannot exceed us in wins.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

That is right ... one more win, and they are officially in. And I think technically, San Antonio is the team that needs to lose also. They have the most games remaining at this point ... and they have more wins that Chicago.

But yeah, magic number is two either way.

Anonymous said...

I think the Aeros only need 1 point to clinch.

Milwaukee and Texas can both get more than the Aero's current total of 94 but the only way that we don't qualify is if two of Peoria, Chicago, and San Antonio get more than 93.

It is possible for two those three to get to 94 but two of them cannot get to 95.

So one more point and we clinch.