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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aeros Lose To Texas

Aeros got beat up on by Texas tonight, losing 3-0. Matt Hackett was bombarded, facing 36 shots while the Aeros were only able to get off 20. Meanwhile, Milwaukee beat Oklahoma City in the shootout, so...

Standings as of now...

1. Milwaukee 38-19-5-8 (89 points)
2. Houston 41-26-1-5 (88 points)
3. Texas 37-24-4-6 (84 points)
4. Oklahoma City 36-26-2-9 (82 points)

Chicago, Milwaukee, and San Antonio were off tonight.

That's a nice set up for this weekend when the Aeros host the Barons for three games.

1 comment:

Forecheck said...

The game last night should serve as a wake-up call - YOU GUYS ARE NOT IN THE PLAYOFFS YET!!!!

I assume Yeosy made this clear in the room afterward.