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Monday, March 21, 2011

Aeros take first place in 3-2 win over Rampage

Hopefully most of you got to watch yesterday's game in glorious HD from San Antonio or were on the road trip with the team. Props to those who went as the post-goal cheers were very clear on the broadcast. I'm sure San Antonio fans absolutely hated you. :) Well done.

It was one of those games where the Aeros didn't look "all in" and didn't match San Antonio's urgency, but this team just happens to be good enough to make that work occasionally. Matt Climie didn't make it easy either. He was right where he needed to be all game long and the two goals against were just opportunistic.

He was coming off the flu, too, so I have to think there was some fatigue setting in by the time the game rolled around to the shootout. The SO goals by O'Sullivan, Earl, and Rau... well, they made it look easy on a goalie who has typically been money in the shootout, allowing only 5 goals in 32 attempts until last night.

Shots were wayyy lopsided in the first. 4-12 for San Antonio. Partially due to the 5 minute major Gillies got for boarding. It was an ugly hit, too, and the guy was lucky to skate off on his own. I know Gillies knows HOW to pull up and avoid these vulnerable hits. He has to do it.

That said, the boys (and Hackett) were fantastic on the kill and it worked out okay. Though I feel sure #18 is etched in the minds of that whole roster. It'll come back eventually.

Back to goalies, Hackett was also very good. One goal was on his defense. The other was tipped in. Neither one should he feel badly about.

Also, while I'm on Hackett... He's now the 5th ranked goalie in the AHL. And the top rookie. Snack on that, Jake Allen! Hackett's season is a great story that superstition prevents me from writing just yet, but I'll do it eventually.

And the Aeros get to enjoy first place for a full day as the entire league is off today, including Milwaukee one point behind first. They both play Tuesday night (Houston at Texas and Milwaukee hosting OKC) and both should reasonably win, but the Aeros have to respect Texas' position. Those teams from 3rd to 7th place are pretty damn motivated to climb over each other in the tight standings.


Anonymous said...

Glad the boys are putting up those points! I didn't get to see Sunday's game, but they sure looked good Saturday.

I was a bit surprised to read on San Antonio's site that they had a "sold out crowd" of 7649. I've been to that arena and it seemed a lot larger than that. Glad the Aeros fans were loud and had reason to cheer.

Ms. Conduct said...

That is odd. It was a good crowd due to it being Dog day (lots of cute pups in the crowd) but I saw plenty of empty seats, too. And you're right, that's an NBA arena. It definitely holds more than that. Maybe they only printed 7649 tickets. :D

ICEVET said...

Hearty congratulations to the Team (and Matt Hackett) for another momentum-building WIN.

The Rampage ownership has done a decent job in attracting fans, despite a dismal (5th to 7th place finishes) West Division record since 2005, when the Spurs Sports Entertainment Group purchased the club from the Florida Panthers. This season's (ave) attendance of 6,200 is an improvement over the 5,100 level of the past two seasons....in fact, slightly better than Aeros attendance.

Nevertheless, to measure the credibility of yesterday's "sold-out" metric of 7,649, reference must be made to the ATT Center's "rated" ice-hockey capacity of 13,800. You figure.

Go Aeros!!

artandhockey said...

Sorry, had to miss it.. old foggy I am, no cable, dish or direct, no drive to, no bus to.. so just Joe O'Donnell who did, as ususal rather good descriptive reporting, IMO.
To join a previous commentER:

Anonymous said...

Interesting...I just looked up the average attendance table on the AHL site and it shows Houston very slightly better than San Antonio with 6243 vs. 6203 each based on 35 games.

Anonymous said...

They told us that at the arena that they didnt have anything availabble when we wanted to move from the balcony down to the lower levels. But even the seats behind the Aeros were empty and there were rows that had no one in it.

Forecheck said...

Ready for a little extrapolation?

As per last week's method, here is the projected finish. Main thing is that Chicago has cooled off a little, the Aeros remain just as hotas before. In the North, Grand Rapids is just as red hot, but Lake Erie is tearing things up too.
(Strange, since I just saw where Cleveland has banned all pro sports...)

OK, here;s the West :

Milwaukee Admirals 99
Houston Aeros 98
Chicago Wolves 93
Texas Stars 92
Peoria Rivermen 91
OKC Barons 90
San Antonio Rampage 89
Rockford IceHogs 76

And the North since it is important for Peoria in this scenario:

Lake Erie Monsters 95
Grand Rapids Griffins 95
Abbotsford Heat 94
Manitoba Moose 91
Hamilton Bulldogs 89
Toronto Marlies 86
Rochester Americans 75

Soo too bad for the Rivermen, they would need 92 points in this scenario to cross over.

Oh, yes for more on Cleveland's decision to ban all pro sports - see

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