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Friday, March 18, 2011

Photos from Tuesday's OT win

Sorry for the delay on pics from Tuesday's game. The trade-off of having Jerina in town to shoot the game was that he had to finish his trip before we could get the pics.

It's worth the wait though. Have you seen a picture that sums up the second half of this season better?

The start of Buck's funny breakaway attempt. Well, maybe not funny to him, but I thought Dekanich coming out and challenging (as you can see by the ice markings) at the top of the circles was funny. Then that MKE d-man getting a stick in there and tipping Buck's shot JUST wide of the post. Just a crazy play full of grandiose effort on both sides.

Earl's OT game winner cele. Just another day at the office, right?

Earl gets mobbed by a bunch of happy guys. Is that Buck with the kissy face there? It's okay, man. I think we all wanted to pucker up for Earlsy after that goal.

Stickless Cody Almond prepares to sacrifice his face to the puck. Dude.

Finally, our boy Torch got himself an Aeros-themed mask that's pretty sharp:

Honoring his Bakersfield Condor past...
Never mind that he's not actually #39 here.
All photos courtesy of Chris "Tip of the Churro to Ya'!" Jerina. You can see the rest from this game right here. Muchas gracias for the photos, Chris!

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artandhockey said...

Ah yes, Chris caught Earl with puck in front of the net, artandhockey actually caught the puck already in the net!
These two photos ought to be published in tandem! ;-)