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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Roster Updates - Update, Scandella back with Wild

As Andrew points out above, huuuuuge game tonight against the pesky Milwaukee Admirals, who are a mere 1 point ahead of Houston in first place.

Presumably Dekanich will start in goal and he's just been a boss this season. It's going to take a valiant offensive effort by the Aeros to sink his ship.

Good thing is that the Wild reassigned defenseman Marco Scandella to Houston now that Clayton Stoner is healthy (knock on wood). That should significantly strengthen the blue line.

Not so fast - It appears that Marco Scandella will play for another injured Wild player, per a recent Russo tweet. He practice for and play with the Wild when they lose to San Jose.

And they have signed Scott Campbell, a center just finishing up his college career at UMass-Lowell, to an amateur tryout contract. Apparently he was out most of this season with an injury, but presumably he's good to go.

Here's a press release on the signing.


Forecheck said...

Above? Hmmmm.... nothing yet.

Hopefully, the Aeros will lose the University of Houston knock-off sweaters. They not only were ugly, but they didn't play too well in them.

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Ms. Conduct said...

Er. Where'd it go?