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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Goodbye Marco

Since Cam Barker is injured, again -- yeah, I know, a shock, huh -- and since Clayton Stoner MIGHT NOT be able to skate tomorrow night because of a back problem -- Stoner with a back problem, a shocker, I know -- Marco Scandella has been called up to the Wild where he will likely do nothing more than sit in the press box.

It's the job of the minor league club to provide healthy players to the big boy club, but damn it, Jamie Fritsch having to get major minutes is just not fair to a club trying to secure a playoff spot. So I've got a suggestion for Mike Yeo. When your phone rings, and you see that the phone number belongs to the Wild, don't answer. Don't open any emails from the Wild. Don't read any text messages. Don't open any letters. Don't accept any telegrams. Shoot down any carrier pigeons. After all, if the team can't contact you, they can't take any more of your players, right?

And damn it, Wild, maybe you guys should look into getting some new trainers. Or maybe you should consider signing some players who don't get injured in a stiff breeze.


Forecheck said...

Another suggestion for Yeosy :

1) Secretly change the name of the team to the League City Possums.

2) Order new maroon and yellow sweaters for overnight delivery.

3) Assign all players and staff an alias.

4) Put them up at a Motel 6 on the Gulf Freeway. Allow no contact with family.

5) Explain to the brass that you don't know what happened to the Aeros, you probably lost them when your brief case was stolen at Denny's one morning on the way to the office.

6) Say you have scheduled amateur games to fill the schedule on Fridays and Sundays. Arrange ill-fitting, non-matching sweaters for the visiting AHL teams.

And dagnabbit , Minnysohta Wild, if you would for once get a decent team with a decent power play and some sort of credible enforcer who actually has at least a few hockey skills, you wouldn't get so many of your people beat to a pulp.

Anonymous said...

Wild - your name is Penner!