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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10/21: Aeros v. Monsters (rawr!)

Well apparently I'm a crazy person because I thought Khudobin looked unsettled in most of the first and all of the second, but was steady eddie in the third. Nobody agrees with me but I saw what I saw. And if you follow our Twitter, you'll know that that "seeing" led me to predict the power play goal that Lake Erie got past him to win the game, 1-0.

But that's okay. I don't need Andrew or Constantine to agree with me that it was the defense saving his bacon most of the first two periods. :) Okay, I'm probably full of shit and projecting my own goalie angst on him or something.

Anyway, here's tonight's depiction of the game. Might as well be a photograph for how accurate it is.

So there you have it. My controversial goalie take. My stick figure drawing. Sorry, no drawings of the food tonight as the baked potatoes were even sketchier than the Aeros offense.

More later from John and a video from the boys that includes really exciting stuff. You'll have to watch and find out.


Forecheck said...

I think the difference in this game was that Lake Erie used a squad made up of REAL HOCKEY PLAYERS - the same tactic Texas used Saturday night. Apart from Anton and Irmen, the Aeros used a squad of primarily hockey wannabes.

If it wasn't for Anton, this could have easily been a 5-0 embarassment rather than the 1-0 embarassment it was.

Time to start raiding the ECHL for scorers.... or at least people who can pass.

BobbyR said...

Merde dit tout, Mme. Conduct.

Ms. Conduct said...

Okay, I'm from Texas so you've either gotta give it to me in English or Spanish. Either way, I, uh, appreciate your consideration.

I dunno. I may have to rewatch the game and figure out what it was causing me to feel like Anton was struggling.

Perhaps the team was forcing him to struggle and I'm giving too much credit to the D for cleaning up the mess they left him? That very well could be. All I know is that that was not Cocky, Confident Anton in the first two periods, but it was in the third. Hmm...

Forecheck said...

Well, one positive from last night is there were less than 1000 people there to endure this mess.

CatTrick said...

Official attendance was 2574.

artandhockey said...

SAAAD, so SAAAD....nuf said.

And ONE of the French words is very much alike the Spanish! ;-)

Forecheck said...

Official attendance = tickets distributed.

Not bottoms in seats.

Propably no more than 1000 there.

CatTrick said...

If that's the case, FC, they should "distribute" one of those tickets to me. I'd be happy to plant my bottom in a seat ... I had to opt for the 15-game plan and it kills me when I have to stay at home knowing that just one of those empty seats could be warmed by mine!