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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Early State of The Season Report

I've got a kind of state of the season report on the team posted over at the mothership. You can, for the moment, expect more of that kind of material over at the Press as generally do one post a week over there on hockey, and the game recap stories there are kind of dated as my Houston Cougars material is considered to be primary, and also because the Press generally doesn't post stuff on the weekends and game recaps are kind of useless two or three days down the road.

I would, however, ask that you go read the Press post as a) it's how I get my press pass, so clicking, reading, and leaving comments there lets the bosses know that you're interested, and b) I think it's a halfway interesting post on a team that's still searching for it's identity.

You'll read about the second period problems, the unsettled goalie situation, and my thoughts on the team's best line, which is the third line of Peter Zingoni, Carson McMillan, and Cody Almond. I didn't mention the Craig Weller trade because I actually wrote this Sunday night, and I didn't know, at the time, who the Wild was going to send to Houston to take his place. I'm not surprised it's Jaime Sifers as I think it was intended that he would start the season here anyway.

Oh well. I hope you guys make it to to game tomorrow night.

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One up one down guyz = Aeros so