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Sunday, October 11, 2009

View from the Pressbox

Welcome to the first installment of T3I.info's View from the Pressbox.

The credential around John's neck is about the size of the moon, and I look like I have not slept in about three weeks. But overall appearances be damned, we bring you our take on the weekend, especially Saturday's 2-1 win over the Texas Stars. (I mean really, this is the random screen shot provided by You Tube. There is NO need to adjust your computer.)

Still no word on which Aeros will be called up as a result of the Wild being unable to stay healthy just three or four games into the season.

We want to know what you thought of the first two home games of the season. Did you like what you saw on the ice? What did you think of the game presentation by the Aeros crew?

Enjoy the video, and I promise (next time) to shave, sleep and try to at least dress a lot less like a homeless person.

Why lie, though. I need money for booze.

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artandhockey said...

Cool.. but FT photos would've been better, just kidding!
Other comments see my blog and remarks on your earlier write ups.
Keep'em coming, though!