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Friday, October 16, 2009

Good-bye Morten Madsen

Morten Madsen has left the Aeros and will play in Sweden. (Sorry the site is not in English, but it says that Morten Madsen will play in Sweden.)

Madsen is likely never going to play in the NHL, although he was with the right organization if those dreams were to be realized. Players pull groins just getting on and off the buses in St. Paul, so he might have just been three or four more road trips away from playing at the X.

But Madsen just appeared to be miserable playing for Constantine's system down here. He never seemed to "get" it. He had a good couple of weeks with the Aeros last year, but (no pun intended) has been wildly inconsistent since making the jump from juniors.

Most people get raises when they do well at work.
Morten got a pay cut this year playing for the Aeros and now stands to make more money in Sweden. So, for someone that was apparently miserable here and making less money, this is a great deal.

I wish Morty nothing but the best overseas, and I know I will miss his great choice in head wear and post-win celebration dancing antics.


FinnAir said...

Modo! He'll have to do well to get his tryout extended...

Anonymous said...

Sweden has a great league and its easy to follow the teams. Even radio coverage on the internet...I learned a little Swedish that way but only hockey terms.
Good Luck, MM !!!

B2Bomber said...

I wish him the best.

Forecheck said...

Perhaps it's time for John to pull up Roxette's "Listen to Your Heart".