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Sunday, October 25, 2009

10/25: Aeros v. Rampage

The Aeros went to San Antonio Saturday knowing that, to stay above the Mendoza Line, they really needed to split the weekend.

And while they still surrendered a point in the standings to the Rampage with the OT win Saturday, they gained on them by three with the 2-0 win today, and that's the kind of thing you have to do early in the season if you want to secure that playoff berth with room to breathe.

I only saw the final 13 minutes of the game and apparently JUST missed the game winning goal by Andy Hilbert (um, welcome back!), but it appears it was a pretty even game based on shot counts. And after having beat each other silly yesterday, there were only 5 penalties today.

Anton Khudobin got the shutout, but looked rattled and the credit all goes to his defense. I'm KIDDING. Settle down. He stopped 28 shots on the way to the perfect game, while Al "Crazy Eyes" Montoya at the other end stopped 27 of the 28 he faced.

The second goal was an empty netter by the always fiery Daoust. He's a smart, slippery little hockey player. My bold prediction is that he's the one everyone will be crying over when the Aeros don't re-sign him next season.

That's really all I've got since I didn't see the whole game. Though, BTW, this was San Antonio's second game being shut out in 3 days. If you read the San Antonio write-up, it's clearly one of those weekends that makes a team and its fan base start to wonder what they've really got.

They're a LOADED team in terms of offensive talent, so I think those who were around for the full Aeros season last year can relate to the "WTF?" feeling they're having at this dry spell.

Okay, gotta go play some hockey myself, but we'll see you back here on Tuesday when the Aeros face Hamilton at the Toyota Center.


Anonymous said...

{{Anton Khudobin got the shutout, but looked rattled and the credit all goes to his defense. I'm KIDDING. Settle down}}

Maybe Anton's just a "nervous nelly" who needs to be that hyper to be effective

Ms. Conduct said...

Okay, what part of "I'm kidding. Settle down" was unclear? :)

He looked fine in the 13 minutes of tiny, grainy video I saw. I was just making fun of myself there.