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Sunday, October 18, 2009

10/17 - Aeros v. Stars

Well, that was craptacular. Actually, I thought the boys played hard but they looked tired later in the game. The score sure made me feel tired: 5-1 Stars.

This may sound weird and I'm not sure how to explain it, but even when they're playing badly/unsuccessfully, it's a lot less frustrating than last year's team when they played badly. The effort seems honest, just too often futile.

Still there's just not much positive to take home from this game, is there? It's unfortunate that Daoust's goal is being overshadowed by the surrounding unpleasantness, but that's how it goes sometimes. Better than a shutout, but not much.

On top of that, I showed up to press row in a bad mood and had to find ways to console myself, if only to keep my colleagues safe from Death by Bitch.

First, John had the bright and self-preserving idea of asking Andrew to bring me a bowl of mashed potatoes from the dining room. Now, I'm in love with these mashed potatoes. Made with real taters but just the right texture, smooth and creamy with a few lumps to let you know a real potato died for your pleasure.

And I played hockey in the morning, so I was ravenous. John and Andrew got Ms. Conduct's co-#1 stars for conspiring for my mashed tater delight.

My #2 star was the potatoes themselves. NOM NOM NOM!
The potatoes helped soothe the beast for a while, but then I got ruffled again and happened to flip through the calendar freebie the team gave away. I expected game photos or something.


Brandon MFing Rogers in a hot tub? And this was free? I've been saying for a while now that the Aeros should do a calendar to sell for charity. You know, hockey beefcake thing? And here it is just handed to me. Well done, Aeros!

Brandon was the only one in full beefcake mode, but the rest were fantastic, too. I might have taken 3 home with me. I also might just decide it's April until the end of time. I mean really, Brusty hamming it up under the hood of a car in his goalie gear? Shut up! Get on my wall, Mr. April!

So, the calendar was my #3 star.

Lake Erie is in town on Wednesday. Always a little ho-hum about playing Lake Erie... they're not a rival, they're not usually very good, and yet they're still a threat, but hopefully it's a chance for the guys to hit the road on Saturday and Sunday on a high note.

Who is in goal Wednesday? If I'm KC, I put Anton back in.


Forecheck said...

I'm not so sure about the "honest effort". If it was an honest effort, then we have a rather incompetent or talentless team.

It shouldn't be fatigue as 20-somethings should be able to play back-to-back nights without much problem. Unless this team is woefully out of shape. That can be fixed.

If it was a case of lack of mental focus, I'm not sure what you do. Maybe make them solve partial differential equations manually after the game. Kind of the mental equivalent of making them skate Suicides?

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, I guess part of that observation was that they didn't seem to be taking the dumb penalties that a lazy team tends to take. Conditioning had crossed my mind, and like you said, that can be fixed. Maybe they were off their game plan a bit, a little unfocused. I dunno. I guess my point is that this game didn't set off any alarm bells for me in terms of the character of this team.

CatTrick said...

I think they played better than the score reflected. Despite those fateful minutes in the second period, I really enjoyed the game ... maybe I'm just glad off-season is finally over, but despite the loss, I think this team might be better than I feared.

The calendars are seriously cute. I put mine up as soon as I got home from the game. Ms.C., I thought of you the minute I saw Mr. April. Something tells me April will be your best month in 2010! No April Fools for you!!!

artandhockey said...

Rogers ok,. Noreau lounge lizard style.. cute. had too many wine tastings, making stupid types LOL Game on Sunday here in SA...
Griffins trounced by Rampage 7-2.. pitiful to see, hurt to watch..talk about tired.. back on Friday.