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Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Question Time

I'm probably nuts for doing this, but...

I'm going to take a little time tonight to talk to GM Jim Mill on the record. I really want to focus on some of the guys who are up with the Wild right now, like Cal Clutterbuck, John Scott, and Benoit Pouliot, but I thought I would offer a reward to the readers. Send me questions. I'll pick one I like and ask him. One caveat: Jim Mill is the general manager, and he works on the hockey side, not the business side, so leave T3I and our problems out of it. Give me a hockey question regarding personnel, style of play, stupid penalties, etc. And as I said, I'll take my favorite of the questions and ask Jim.



artandhockey said...

Yes, DO ask him why everyone seems so 'enchanted' with Pouliot? Another aura guy??

Anonymous said...

Did any Aeros goalies get time in the Wild preseason to work with the Minnesota goalie coach?

Dave said...

What is the reason for bring in a new athletic trainer?

AerosFan said...

You knew a Beauds question would come... ;)

What does Mill think of Matt Beaudoin? Any particular reason he wasnt with the Aeros this season?

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

AerosFan, I can answer that for you.
Free of charge, too!

Beaudoin is an average AHL player that the Wild feel has a zero (O) percent chance of ever playing in the NHL for any reason.

He is below-average defensively, and he had no repoire with the new Wild management.

He was never on their radar. End of story.