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Friday, October 30, 2009

Aeros inspire this up-and-coming NHLer

I think we have talked about this before on another site, but the story of Tyler Myers, a rookie for the Buffalo Sabres, continues to impress me.

If you can find another NHL player that was inspired to take up the game because of the Houston Aeros, let me know. Because I think this kid is the first. I don't know for sure if the kid was born here, but he calls a town in Alberta, his home.

Oh, and the dude is 6-8!

Here is a story about his impressive start in the NHL.

And here is a good recap of how everything went down courtesy of the newspaper that covered him in juniors.

Enjoy the read(s).

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artandhockey said...

Very nice, an upbeat story-just what is needed after 2 losses on the road.