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Monday, October 26, 2009

Updated (6:55 p.m): Khudobin up, Zingoni out, Almond out a while.

The Aeros starting goalie Tuesday night against Hamilton will be .... Wade Dubielewicz. Why not go with the guy that just shut out one of the top offenses in minor league hockey? Well, Anton (and how could you not love this picture?) is on his way to St. Paul. Josh Harding is nursing a lower body injury, so it looks like Anton will backup Backstrom in Chicago.

Update: Sources say Brett Jaeger of the Texas Brahmas got the call, though it could be interesting, as he was booted from his game Saturday for spearing and might face a suspension. Not sure if a) he will be suspended or b) suspensions carry over leagues. We know they don't in baseball, thank you Manny Ramirez. Update to the update: Suspensions don't carry across leagues, so Jaeger's fine to dress for the Aeros.

Also, we noticed that Peter Kalus did not play in either game against the Rampage. He was just a healthy scratch Saturday, and Kevin Constantine said the team played one of its best games of the year. Because of that, they wanted to go with the same lineup for the rematch.

Kalus is definitely back in the lineup Tuesday against Hamilton.

I also wanted to report that the Aeros will be without gritty winger Pete Zingoni for at least the next home game and Cody Almond for several weeks, as he sustained a broken wrist. Zingoni's injury is as yet undisclosed, so that will be something to investigate either before or after the matchup against Hamilton.

The Bulldogs are the only team without a regulation defeat. They are good and already 2-0 on their three-game tour de Texas. To me a huge storyline tomorrow will be to see how Dubielewicz responds to Anton being called up.

He was supposed to be the No. 3 guy in the system, but has been outplayed so far by Khudobin. Dubielewicz has been good in his last two outings, so here's to hoping he takes the high road and responds like a pro.

Based on what I know about him so far, I don't expect anything else.


B2Bomber said...

Looks like Hamilton is having a good year. It will be nice to see Shawn Belle again.

artandhockey said...

Well did not expect to see such news when I played nosy parker and clicked on T3I....
Anton into the NORTH as BUG..BRAVO - good for the boy he earned it! hope he'll get some ice time, too, finally, not just 'bench time'!

JAEGER AS BUG? Hope that'll work out. He looked rather good at camp.

Almond injured again?
AND Zingoni, too, he came off injuries before he signed with the team as I recall .. oh boy.

Who'll step up to score... Irmen? Noreau? Daoust? DiSalvatore? Earl? Stoner?

So Dubie'll have to 'du', LOL! Ought to be VERRA interesting game tomorrow... win or loose! Definitely interesting!

Anonymous said...

Just read that Almond is being flown to the Wild to see a doctor???
And here in Houston we have one of the world's best Medical Center...to which people come in droves from all over!
Why, go to the expense of flights/housing/ etc ...when excellent help is on the doorstep!

John Royal said...

Well, anon, that happens all of the time in sports. The Wild want their doctors checking out Almond. And if he's injured, he'll probably stay up there to work with them anyway.

Like I said, this happens all of the time. Whenever Kaz Matsui suffers one of his many spring training injuries, the Astros fly him to Houston for treatment instead of having him treated by one of the many fine hospitals in the Orlando area.

ICEVET said...

The only surprise is how quickly Khoudobin has been called up (recall his impressive outing with the WILD during Camp).

Unfortunately, Josh Harding has been ineffective with horrific 5.50 GA and .738 SV stats, allowing more goals (11) in TWO (albeit NHL) games than Khoudobin has allowed (10) in SIX (AHL) games, reinforced by AK's 1.77 GA and .936 SV stats.

There is every reason to believe that AK can give Niklas Backstrom, a 2009 Venzina finalist (already has played 9 of 11 games) RELIABLE BACKUP. Most Minn home fans know that the WILD need help (now 3-8 in last place in their division); hopefully, this move will help the WILD, while giving AK a ground-level opportunity to develop his skills at the next level (well-earned under KC's mentoring).

Forecheck said...

Well,apart from horrible rebounds, he did a decent job tonight. But now that it looks like Dubie is hurt, who is going to be the starter Friday?

Ms. Conduct said...

FC, what makes you think Dubie is hurt?