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Friday, January 1, 2010

So that was unexpected ...

I think I have used this headline before, so please forgive me. The Aeros ran the Admirals right out of their own building with a 6-2 win at Bradley Center.

That place is usually a house of horrors for the Aeros, but Brusty was exceptional and the offense exploded for a season-high tying six goals.

More to come later, but first I need to heat up some crow in the microwave. You know, to go with my black-eyed peas and cabbage. Yum.

(Ms.C here with an update: Here's the write-up from the A.S.S. crew in Milwaukee with a first-hand, but rather less joyful, account of the evening. Glad they point out the oddness of Brust and Dekanich facing off just a few weeks ago in the ECHL, Dex winning both outings and getting ECHL Goalie of the Week before being called back up to Milwaukee.

Now Brusty's on the verge of being sent back to Florida with Dubie coming back, and he pulls off certainly his best game back in the AHL, but also one of his best since returning from his injury.

There are pictures at the link but we'll have more later from Chris.)


Forecheck said...

Hey, I predicted 6-1, so I was close!

While I'm semi-hot on predictions, I'd like to predict I will inherit $10 million this year........

Whatever form of verbal berating or physical torture (er, uh, “enhanced interrogation techniques”, such as making them ride on the bus to Milwaukee in their wets) KC applied to the guys last night or today need to be bottled and made available on-demand. Certainly Milwaukee was guilty of rust and misunderestimating the Aeros a bit, but that wasn’t the whole story (at most, half). Basically, the Aeros kicked butt on night they should have been dead tired.

Brusty seemed to make the Aeros/Wild decision even easier...

Now, what Aeros team will see Sunday?

With my Bucs finally beating a PAC-10 team (or anybody!) in a bowl game, this has turned out to be a pretty good day.

BobbyR said...

I hope this is signs of things to come, not just a case of a blind squirrel finding an occasional acorn.

Ms. Conduct said...

I think Brusty made the decision harder actually.

So, my theory is that the Milwaukee boys partied a little too hard last night and were sweating out the fun tonight. This was too big a departure to prove anything.

BUT, I'll take it. It feels great to be successful.

ICEVET said...

Scanning T3I posts and fan comments over the past several days, it is clear that the negativism toward this Team is intensifying. Perhaps, a few random points might help fans revisit these negative thoughts.

First, ignoring games played, the Aeros are currently a mere 1 point out of 2nd place and 4 points out of 1st place. The West Division (where 1st and Last place teams are separated by only 13 points.....approaching the mid-point of the season) has proven to be the "most competitive" of AHL divisions. thus far. The Aeros will continue to be competitive.

Second, Kevin Constantine, whose track record of success speaks for itself in spades, is and will remain the Aeros Coach. The Players have a professional obligation to play his SYSTEM (highly respected by AHL coaching teams). That some Aeros players have simply NOT been able to measure up, is on those players, not the Coach. The Aeros (and the WILD) have been very fortunate to have KC behind the Aeros bench over the past several years.

Finally, even the best netminders (like all good athletes in any sport) have "bad" streaks and must overcome diversity to get back to what made them great before a "slump". Khudobin is not the only netminder to slump, recently; Matt Climie (Stars) and several other top-tier AHL goalies have suffered similar troubles...and let's not forget that Khudobin is the Planet USA all-star goalie, reflecting his excellent performance during the early season (4 shutouts). Despite "vertigo" from multiple round trips to Minnesota, related lack of practice, and frequent defensive corps breakdowns since Clayton Stoner's call-up, Anton remains tied with Moose-Corey Schneider for 4th place among active AHL netminders.

Go Aeros!

John Royal said...

I just wanted to echo some of Icevet's comments.

One thing that I think we all easily forget is just how difficult a schedule the Aeros are playing. This is one of the toughest divisions in the AHL, and most of the team's games have been played within the division. That they're still hanging around where they are speaks volumes about this team.

John Royal said...

Oh, and Forecheck, while you're in the prediction business, I'm hoping you can come up with some good predictions for me this year.

artandhockey said...

Am not sure, John, why you call this schedule so difficult? Compared to last years's it seem a 'cake walk'...plug in appropriate song!

John Royal said...

I'm not sure how playing 31 of 37 games against teams with wininng records -- including 8 games against 2 of the best teams in the AHL is a cakewalk.

Look at the standings, folks. Every team in this division is at 500 or over. Yet of 37 games, 21 of the games have been played within the division.

So I'd really like to know how this a cakewalk. Sure, they haven't played the nutso travel schedule of last year, with 4 games in 6 nights and a different city for each game.

Forecheck said...

John -

That depends. What do you want and how much is it worth to you? I take Visa and Paypal, though non-sequential 20s and 50s are best.


Is this a competitive division in terms of a lot of good teams, or just a division full of mediocre teams? I think I recall the West's record against other divisions being rather poor, so it would imply the later.

Not sure where I'm going with this, other than to say if it is the later, then a talent infusion of a free agent or two or a well placed goalie trade for a forward could be significant.

Also, even if the remaining six teams were playing worse than the Aeros, just seeing them stumble around the way they often do would still be somewhat painful, even if the other teams stumbled worse.

John/Arts -

Yeah, we don't have 15 three-in-threes this season. We spent almost all of December in Texas. If anything, the first half of the season has been easy except for two crowded periods, and there are two more of them to come in the second half.

Word verification "Siscr", as in "the Aeros siscred through the Admirals defense in the first two periods".

Forecheck said...

John -

WRT your most recent post, if there were 37 teams in the AHL, pretty close to 31 would have winning records if you mean over 0.500 due to the nonsense of sometimes granting three points in a game and only two in others.

(Memo to the NHL/AHL : Adopt the three point system. Also get rid of the trapezoid.)

John Royal said...

Forecheck: I totally agree. The point system is nuts. Andrew has gone off on that topic many a time.

That said, the Aeros have spent most of the season playing teams like Texas, but have had only 6 games against teams which are totally awful. They have spent many a night facing the top goalies and offenses in the league. I don't think that makes for a cakewalk schedule.

ICEVET said...

John Royal said: "the point system is nuts".

The Wall Street Journal 12/21/09 THE COUNT column ("NHL Teams Are Learning How To Love The Tie") takes a statistical cut at the impact of the 3-point opportunity, going back 5 years. Arguably, every major sport has made rule changes to improve "balance" (i.e. NBA's 3-point shot) and broaden fan interest.

Forecheck said: "Does the West Division have competitive teams or just mediocre teams?"

Debate on this "perjorative" issue remains highly subjective, since the AHL is a development league and revolving door for the NHL (with call-ups and recalls affecting up to 50% of any team's roster). Who shows up to play, on any given night, goes well beyond injury scratches. San Antonio, for example, began the season with a 6-0 record and a highly-talented Team, which has since been "decimated" by the loss of 3 players (Bodie, Festerling, and Belesky) to the NHL Ducks, Tikhonov to the Continental League, and Porter and Hoggan to the NHL Coyotes. Despite this and below-averaged goal tending, SA continues to be very competitive (and not mediocre).

Go Aeros!