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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pics from the Miracle and (grumble) roster moves

Updates first: Dubielewicz has been sent down to Houston, which means Brusty has also been sent back to ECHL Florida. And the Aeros have recalled Brandon Buck from Florida. Guess I'm a Blades fan again. Awesome. *sigh*

Here's kind of a funny account of the game last night from a blogger in Peoria.

And here's the photos, all courtesy of Chris "Leadfoot" Jerina:

Disco Dobby

Here's a cool series of shots showing the 5th goal that was inches from happening, which Chris and Andrew both mentioned, and rookie Carson McMillan saved.

You can see the puck start on top of Anton's leg...

Then it falls off. Uh oh. Reach back Anton. REACH!

Never mind, Anton. Mac Attack's got this...

Clear it, Falker. Clear it!


The uprising begins...

Photos like this are why people think goalies are crazy. Noreau winds up a bomb.

I hate when some asshole skater sprays me in the face with snow, but man, it makes an awfully cool picture.

Anyway, thanks again to Chris for these fantastic shots. Here's the rest of them for your perusal.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great photos, Chris; they're awesome.

Ms. Conduct, or anyone, is there a reasonable explanation as to why Mr. Fred can't take pictures any more....why he can't get a press pass, or whatever it takes? I sure miss his home game shots.

Ms. Conduct said...

You don't think my stick figures are just as good? Harsh man... ;)

Reasonable explanation? No. But we sure do miss him, too. It's a real disservice to Aeros fans and players, who often benefited from his talents.

Forecheck said...

Ms. - Since when has the Ministry of Truth cared about the fans?

Anonymous said...

MacAttack.. hey that's good.. hence forward MacMillan will be MacAttack no longer Mack the knife, in my blogs! Luv ya. Ms. C.

artandhockey said...

oops, am NOT anonymous.
sorry about that mis-click on the
keyboard ;-)

CatTrick said...

Wow ... the pics are great!!! Thanks!!! It's an extra treat to see shots of the Aeros in their "greens."

Speaking of stick figures ... haven't seen much of 'em lately. I miss them! They've become an integral part of T3I.

My word today is "macknes" ... could be it's a form of MacAttack? As in, "that poor center was MACKNESED."

Fred Trask said...

Rumor has it stick figure prints will be available to bid on at the Booster Club's Appreciation Banquet.