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Friday, January 29, 2010

Aeros shut out 2-0 by Admirals

I only half-watched and half listened to the game but the boys over at ASS have a good recap, including the dish on why Kevin Constantine pulled Khudobin and put in Brust for a total of 3 minutes at the start of a power play during the third period.

You have to give it to KC for creativity. Not very nice to do to a cold goalie, but it was no harm, no foul.

There are pictures there, too, but I'm sure we'll have more to share later that are more Aeros-oriented.

Here's Andrew's article in the Chron for the Aeros side of things.

The Aeros need to get some wins here. Hell, they need to just score some goals and give their goalies some support. Maybe the Goalie Fairy will come by tomorrow in Peoria and sprinkle some goal scoring dust on their sticks. (Leave a back door open, equipment guys.)

What do you guys think? This team is drifting, nay rocketing, out of playoff contention. Do they make it in the end? And what do you think the team needs to lift them up and get over the hump?

The trade deadline is coming up, which is when moves will have to happen if they're going to happen at all. Gonna be interesting to see if rookie GM Jim Mill will find some moves to make that could improve the Aeros chances.


Forecheck said...

I don't see this team making the playoffs with the current talent pool. Not only do they need to get Earl, Dubel... and Hilbert (whose been out so long I can't remember his first name) back, they need to get some new guys in from the ECHL or via trades.

Also, could KC be nearing the end in Houston? If Tip can get fired for something not his fault (the Stars 08-09 season), the Ministry of Truth can certainly blame the Aeros not making the playoffs (due to the lack of talent sent to Houston this year) on KC.

Word verification "tervank" - - As in the Aeros offense last night.

Ms. Conduct said...

Andy. :)

artandhockey said...

'unpet' is THE word here,and so the AEROS are getting 'unpetted'! LOL.And the chances for the play offs are, well, minuscule at best, sad to say.
How much "Handy Andy", Doobie, plus Earl, the Pearl could do, that remains an unanswered question. IMO, not too much.
And getting in 'unknown however eager' talent-well, that talent might just get 'infected' with whatever ails the team this year, as well.
Looks to me the team is not willing or unable to accept directions.
They each, individually, SEEM to work hard, BUT!!!
Is there such a thing as an Hockey Flu bug ;-)?