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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Duke goes Down: Aeros 5, Marlies 2

I love when guys who aren't supposed to score score. Even better when they start to make it a habit as Kassian and Testwuide seem to be doing. (No pressure, guys.)

What's funny is that the three guys pictured below were one event away from hat tricks: For a Gordie Howe hatty, Kassian just needed an assist and Testwuide just needed a fight.

For a real hat trick, Smith needed another goal (if he hadn't gotten himself that 10 minute ms.conduct, maybe he would have gotten it).

I'll be honest, when I went to the game tonight I was a) sure the Aeros were going to stink it up and b) didn't really want to be there. Last night's game was just so crappy, and then they spent the day traveling. Bleh.

But I guess one characteristic that held over from last season is a penchant for doing exactly what you think they won't.

Kudos (or is it Khudos?) to Dubie for bouncing back from a bad start in Rockford last night and looking sharp most of the night. That second goal was all goalie though. And I still contend that whatever superstitions he has, well, I want to know what they are for myself, because they freaking work. He is so lucky at times, I can't even believe it.

And now the boys head off for a little break, except for Noreau and Khudobin. Gotta point out that your all-star goalie isn't even your #1 goalie right now. Awkward.

Goalies are funny though. Last year, Brusty went to the All Star game in the midst of what was truly a crisis in his shootout performance and being sat a good bit in favor of Schaefer... and he shut all 6 shooters down in that portion of the skills competition.

So who knows. Those things just can't be much fun for goalies, but somehow I figure Anton will have fun anyway. Represent, boys!


artandhockey said...

Kudos.. unless it is for Anton LOL.

josh said...

Nice Stick Figure drawing

Forecheck said...

At least don't embarass, boys...