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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Aeros v. Rockford: The Ballsy Prediction Edition

I didn't so much feel like Matt was going to score tonight as I felt like Corey Crawford was going to have a shitty night. But I figured, I'll throw the prediction out because we might not see a goalie struggle like this for some time to come and what more likely time for Kassian to finally bend the twine?

Not sure why I knew Crawford was vulnerable, but boy did I nail that precognition. But I just had a feeling, watching him in warm-ups, that he wasn't all there, wasn't sharp. And whaddaya know, it was Toskala-esque the way every bad bounce went in on the guy. You could see it in his body language in the third period. He looked frustrated and I think he would have stopped the Kalus breakaway if the prior unlucky bounces hadn't gotten in his head a little bit.

Meanwhile, the exact opposite was happening to Dubielewicz at the other end. That was one of the luckiest goaltending performances I've ever seen. And I appreciated reading his comments after the game wherein he basically said as much, and acknowledged that the shot count was high like that because he was a rebound machine.

But I understand, that's just how it goes sometimes. Some nights every bounce goes against you and some nights, it's all posts and whiffs and good defense. I thought only the third goal, basically in garbage time, was a bad one for Dubie.

What else could the stick figure be tonight than big Matt Kassian finally getting his goal. I did not cry, however, but I did whack John in the arm. He gets that a lot. Sorry John.

Anyway, another fun game by the boys. Really nice to see these chances going in and it must be really gratifying for the work to be paying off on the scoresheet.

See you Sunday!


artandhockey said...

Right on, sista...alas, that 3. Hog Goal was a gift to them by Dubie.

Anonymous said...

Great prediction, Ms. Conduct. You should do it more often, ha! I was so happy to see Matt finally scoring that goal!

Forecheck said...

Kass' annual goal - almost as big as Boogie lone Aeros goal. And an appropriate way to score for this game. Glad it happened here.

DiSalvatore's goal : I thought the initial shot from the point went in and came out. Hard to tell with Mr. No Press as goal judge. Tried to watch AHL Live this morning, but the game apparently didn't get shown and/or recorded. Anyone behind the net see it?(After almost 30 years here, I'm still baffled why this city's infrastructure and technology seem to fall apart whenever the temperature goes below freezing. Where I grew up,it was less of a hassle when it went below zero, which was about as often.)

Duby: Luckiest goalie in the AHL last night, except when his All-Star defenseman not only failed to block the shot but screened Duby badly as well on Rockford's second goal.

Deflected goal (Kalus?) : Looked like it grazed a Rockford defender, but I didn't catch the number. Don't think it was a D-man, it happened half way to the net.

Aeros' second period play: The ice seemed tilted on a 30 degree down angle towards the Aeros' end. No wonder KC used his time out. We're real lucky Rockford only got what they did.

Rockford's forecheck : You do see teams sometimes use a two man forecheck, but I'm not sure I've seen a three man forecheck before. Do you think they had something in their soucting report about us having trouble getting out of our own end?

Also noticed Max did a good job of skating out of it several times.

Frederic L'Ecuyer (Part 1) : Penalty shot? How was that a penalty shot? Did they change a rule recently?

Frederic L'Ecuyer (Part 2) : Boarding? How was that boarding? He let worse go.

Frederic L'Ecuyer (Part 3) : How was that only a two minute high sticking when there was blood on the ice?

Word Verification "eptun". The act of making something empty in parts of rural Texas. As in "I'm eptun the trash barrel".

John Royal said...


As to that boarding call, we asked Gillies about it last night...Gillies said it wasn't boarding -- of course -- but that he understood why the call was made because of L'Ecuyer's positioning and how the Rockford player was twisting around playing the puck and that because of that, it could have easily looked like boarding.