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Saturday, January 30, 2010

More pics from last night and some fairy dust

I guess the photographer should get to name his own photos, but I don't think Chris will mind if I call this one "Attack of the Neck Beard."

You gotta be pretty foxy to pull off that much fur. Dare I say, no problem for Brusty. Welcome back, big guy.


This one is just cool. Irms stalking...

And here's one of many shots of the Aeros not scoring.
For more, see the full photo set.

All photos by Chris "Killer" Jerina


Finally, because desperate times require some divine intervention, the Goalie Angel is back with some goal scoring dust for the boys and their gear. Shh. It's almost nap time.


Forecheck said...

The look in Irms' eye is along the line of "target acquired".

Word verification "zipprot" - What usually causes your zipper to fall off.

cjerina said...

At the Carver Arena for tonights game, watching them take tiles off of the ice from some band thing all day. Gonna be interresting.

And "Killer"? All Im thinking is something along the lines of Slapshot.

"Chris is a killer!"
"Chris is a mess..."

You can determine for youself what kind of mess I am. :)

"But Chris is out. Who's gonna take his place [shooting]?"

Is the answer Jesus?