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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Did you hear that Brent Krahn and Matt Climie?

I remember reading a lot of foo-foo stuff earlier this year about the Stars and their plethora of goaltending talent inside the organization.

Last night, on his blog, Russo said the Dallas Stars could be a potential suitor for Josh Harding at some point. Interesting thought ... and obviously this is just one guy talking. But the thing that I really laughed out loud about was the following quote (see especially the part in bold) from Russo:

"Dallas is one team that may be interested in Harding at some point. I'm told the Stars like Harding, and it's becoming more and more apparent that Dallas' future will be without Marty Turco. There's not really a goalie of the future inside the organization right now."


Forecheck said...

Probably just a mis-print. It should have said "There presently isn't a decent goalie in Dallas".

Ms. Conduct said...

Wellll, I don't think that's such a huge dig at those guys. Krahn's been around a while, was a high draft pick for the Flames but was slow to develop (and then promptly broke himself as soon as he finally started blowing teams out of the water).

Nothing wrong with late bloomers, but I don't think he was ever seen as a "prospect" by the Stars organization, was he? He's really had kind of a journeyman type of career until he came out of camp seemingly on fire this year.

Climie's not too different, but a shade younger and undrafted, so he's a great "find". Not sure he'll see regular NHL minutes, but he's played well when called upon. He's just solid and that translates pretty well up and down.

And Bachman, who is their only actual draft pick playing pro (AFAIK), in the ECHL is doing quite well, too. He'll be in Texas next season, I'm sure.

Granted, Dallas isn't like Vancouver or LA where there's an heir apparent sitting in the minors, but they've still got better depth than most teams IMO. Depth for NOW, not depth for the future necessarily.

Unlike the Wild who simply have a lot of goalies. They're not committed to Barry (obviously), Dubie isn't even supposed to be here, and Anton's way too inconsistent for the NHL. Here's to that Hackett kid living up to some lofty expectations...

Lax Guy said...

When the Stars had their affiliate in Des Moines, they had two quality netminders. Both of them are playing in the NHL, but neither is with the Stars. Mike Smith and Dan Ellis were great prospects for Dallas, but they let them get away.
Dallas had nobody decent in the minor rotation their last year in Iowa. Tobias was god awful despite winning the ECHL the year before. The whole organization is a mess and will become a bottom feeder soon.

B2Bomber said...

Anton did well in last nights All-Star game. I was a bit surprised but he made some fantasatic saves. There were three goals against, but after all, it was an All-Star game.

Ms. Conduct said...

And one of those shouldn't have counted as it was batted in with a high stick. He was fantastic.

I blogged about the game (though not focused a whole lot on the Aeros guys) over at Ms.C. http://msconduct10.blogspot.com/2010/01/ahl-all-star-wrap-up-spoilers-ahead.html

Forecheck said...

Yes, Brusty did all right during his 20 minutes of goalie terror.