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Sunday, January 10, 2010

1/10/10 -- Aeros v. Rockford -- The No Song Edition

Here’s the deal. I’m tired. I’m temporarily working, and it’s a schedule that involves me waking up at five everyday. I’ve got a cold. I’m cranky. So I’m not much up for writing one of my long rambling fill in every single blank that happened during the game post.

So you’ll get this.

The Aeros lost to the Rockford IceHogs 2-1 in overtime. Yes, the Aeros losing in overtime. Shocking. I know. The Aeros one goal came at 4:28 when Jean-Michel Daoust knocked in the rebound of a Chad Rau shot to make it 1-0.

“All I remember was that it was a shot on net,” Daoust said. “And then there was a rebound on my blade and I just put it in.”

The Aeros kept that lead until 3:57 of the second when Rockford’s Kyle Greentree took the cross-ice pass from Akim Aliu and buried the puck past Wade Dubielewicz. And the score stayed tie at one until 2:12 of the overtime when Mike Brennan fired a shot that was going wide of the net, but was deflected in for the goal when it hit Dubielewicz’s stick to give Rockford the win.

“It’s unbelievable,” Dubielewicz said. ‘I thought I was going to be able to break the overtime bug. I don’t think I’ve lost one yet to now, but that’s unbelievable.”

Following the loss, the Aeros record dropped to 19-15-6-1 (45 points). The good news is that they’re now in fourth place in the West Division. The shocking news is that Milwaukee is now in first at 22-12-1-5 (50 points). Texas has dropped into second with a record of 21-13-2-4 (48 points), and Rockford is now in third place at 21-18-2-2 (46 points).

The Aeros return to action on Wednesday night when they play the first of two in Rockford. They’ll play in Rockford on Friday night, then host Toronto on Saturday night.


The Aeros are a really banged up squad right now. Kevin Constantine says it the low point for the team this year. They’re not yet sure of how badly injured Jaime Sifers is. Ryan Lannon is also out from an injury in Friday’s game. Brandon Rogers suffered back spasms after Friday’s game. Constantine believes that Rogers might be able to return on Wednesday. It’s slightly possible that Andy Hilbert will be able to return, but Constantine didn’t seem confident regarding that prognosis. There’s no timetable on Peter Zingoni’s return. Carson McMillan has two games remaining on his suspension.

But today’s roster listed Barry Brust with the defensemen and forwards, and not the goalies. So maybe Constantine can use him to help out. Of course, Brust is in Florida with the Everblades at the moment, so that might be kind of hard to pull off.

To help handle the injuries, the Aeros brought up left win Trent Campbell from South Carolina of the ECHL. He earlier played for the AHL Worcester Sharks this season. And they also brought up defenseman Ross Rouleau from Texas of the CHL.


artandhockey said...

Magic carpet needed for BB?
Hex by Ms. Conduct ;-).
Weird game and once more THE ONLY LONELY goal by The Scrapper! He looked a bit 'towel needy'later on.. hope HE is ok!
Cody Almond a fighter?? Well, what a development there, so unexpected..scorer, so he was to be, but fighter?

Forecheck said...

Well, after a Friday night of new shows we’re back to re-runs. Aeros go up, can’t hold the lead, don’t make it out of OT………. Shouldn’t they charge less for a game you have already seen before?

……And are we EVER going to win another OT game???????

The new guys held there own in that they didn’t figure in the loss.

One really bad play – the one we were scored on in the second. I don’t think Max covered it right and Duby seemed late reacting - - but a good shot, too.

Frederic L'Ecuyer, parts 4 through 63 : Un-be-lieveable! What did this guy think he was seeing, and why didn’t he see what was happening? Like Daoust getting high sticked near the end of the third. Maybe we need to buy him a prescription visor?

What’s worse, he knew more about what was going on than the penalty time keeper or our in-arena announcer!

Speaking of which :

Job opening with the AHL – Penalty time keeper, Houston, TX. No experience needed. Ability to deal with numbers and understand simple instructions helpful, but not required. Apply at theahl.com

Understand I’m not blaming L’Ecuyer for the loss. The Aeros were slightly outplayed most of the game, but the disparity in calls didn’t help, and in a game with a close score a little thing can change things a bunch.

Cody’s fight : Not sure what started it. Maybe his manhood was challenged. He was fighting very angry. Any observations?

Barry Brust : Still haven’t found an official announcement on the ‘net.

Word Verification : grawki, as in "John seems to be feeling grawki tonight".

ICEVET said...

It was unfortunate that Fred L'Ecuyer (totally out of character) elected to interject himself into the third period action with a spate of very questionnable calls, including (1)two against Daoust and (2) a giant missed call where Daoust was forced to the bench to stop-the-bleeding. Mr. L'Ecuyer was seen, during one timeout, attempting to "rationalize" his last whistle to Daoust, parked in the sin bin, who was trying to make sense of it all.

Fans are reminded that Freddie L'Ecuyer ranked 3rd behind Chris Brown and Jeff Smith during last season for holding the "quietest" AHL whistles.

Finally, two troublesome trends are have surfaced in the Aeros offensive play: (i) the consistent absence of effective passing and (ii) unwillingness to take risks late in the game (tonight, the power play opportunity during the last 1:45 in the third appeared to be more an effort to kill time than to get a winning goal in regulation). Of course, the Aeros now lead the AHL in extra period contests.

Go Aeros!

B2Bomber said...

Reminds me of a quote:

If we keep on doing what we’ve always done we’re going to keep on getting what we’ve
always gotten. (Dr. John Maxwell)

.....'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

All I wanted for christmas was a skateboard, but all I got was this stupid sweater.

Anonymous said...

How come they still show Barry Brust as part of the active roster?