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Monday, January 18, 2010

AHL All Star Skills Competition: Live Chat

I though it might be fun to host a live chat during the All Star festivities this year. Last year I kinda just talked to myself on my blog, but I think this will either be a lot more fun or a total disaster. So, let's see what happens!

I'll kick 'er off at 7 p.m. Central tonight (Monday) right here on this post for the Skills Competition.

The game will be shown on Fox Sports Houston, though if you get the full sports package, there are some HD options that you might enjoy more. Here's the full broadcast shizzle.


Josh said...

Bad news fans Max Iron man Noreau is not doing the Hardest shot.

artandhockey said...

Good show! Thanks for the heads up. We maybe able to view the Tuesday events on that night or on Wednesday per schedule...

Forecheck said...

Interesting that the camera work on the introductions was as muddled as a lot of the pre-game stuff in Houston is anymore.

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