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Monday, January 18, 2010

AHL Teams; What's in a name

Random off-day posting for you here.
I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to write a similar column.

Mine might have been done a little differently, but this is a pretty funny read from a columnist in Winnipeg. Enjoy!


Chris Jerina said...

Not to sidetrack, but I especially like the side link to "Share your Moose photos and video".

Would be nice if they actually allowed cameras into the arena without a media pass, that may make it easier to actually have photos worth sharing, right?

OK, rant off.

Interresting that Mantioba played both Admirals teams, too bad us here in Milwaukee will never see a Admirals vs. Admirals game.

artandhockey said...

It IS funny.. I do ahve an idea for you Andrew, in your spare time, of course.. how about doing something on DEFUNCT teams...there a few that beg to be discussed: San Antonio Iguanas,
Austin Icebats, Tupelo Rex, Fighting Saints (their logo the sweetest (;-) cutest angel!!!,
Baltimore Bandits,
Orlando Solar Bears...Texas WILDCATTERS,...to name a few!
Have a ball, or should that be puck, with it!
And of course all those CHL, WHL, ECHL ones with such cuties as Amarillo Gorillas LOL.