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Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/30: Aeros 1, Chicago 5

There's really not much good to take out of this game. Defense was bad. Khudobin struggled in goal. And they couldn't score.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach John McKay's funny post-game assessment of his terrible expansion team comes to mind: "We didn't tackle well today but we made up for it by not blocking."

We didn't defend well but made up for it by not scoring. Here's Andrew's write-up for the Chronicle.

Update: Lookie! Highlights! Thanks Wolfkeeper! Watch the wheels come off, one by one until the spare tire falls off, too.

However, there is a silver lining and that is pretty pretty pictures of the boys in their yummy darks thanks to Chris Jerina. In still photos, you can't tell how bad they suck, so enjoy!

Here's some of my favorites, but you can see the full set here.

Irms got in a fight. He looks like he might be winning here,
but I don't think he did from what I heard.

I believe this is Gunderson making a save, rather than Khudobin,
if I'm guessing correctly, based on my conversation with Jerina last night.

"Check please!"

Rogers getting the puck out of the corner to someplace useful, hopefully.

Almond giving flying lessons.

All Photos by Chris Jerina

I'm stealing the awesome Brusty shots from warm-ups and running away with them to my blog (aka sparing you my usual slobbering). Or you can just go to the full set to view them.


WolfKeeper said...

Highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFZOQOQrqP0

Ms. Conduct said...

I expected it to bring up a 404-Page not found. But I guess there were highlights for the Wolves.... :)

artandhockey said...

Some very good shots, but where, oh, where is the one of the LONELY gaol by the Scrapper? and I see Petr was back skating- so my guess, after last game in Houston, came true.;-).. see my blog.

WolfKeeper said...

Ya'll did score one!

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

Holy crap, Anton was crap.
He's got a couple of initials on the back of his helmet that he needs to change.

Should be

"HGS" for high, glove side

Ms. Conduct said...

Maybe he has Exotropia too. :)

CatTrick said...

ROTFLMAO, Ms. Conduct!!!

BobbyR said...

Nothing to say about the game, but the photographs by Chris Jerina are great.

I personally think photo 30 is the best with the followup photos 52, 53 and 54.

Also the Wolves must have a bigger budget with the pregame pyrotechnics as shown in photos 8, 9 and 10.

CatTrick said...

The photos are great!!! Thanks, Chris Jerina, and thanks T3I for providing the link.

Forecheck said...

Most applicable John McKay comment;

"Coach, what do you think of your team's executiuon today?"

McKay:"I'm in favor of it."

Cheer up, Ms. C., it's looking real easy to see who's getting sent down.

Ms. Conduct said...

Nah, Anton's the golden child right now for the organization. They're not sending him anywhere. They'll give him a chance to right the ship, maybe get Wild goalie coach Mason down to work with him.

Chris Jerina said...

artandhockey, man, a harsh critic!

TBH, the play happened so fast that I was following whoever assisted on the goal, and only caught the aftermath which was out of focus anyway.

I know, "Fred wouldn't have missed that", which is definitely true ;)

(and the code word was desses, which probably implies the game was so bad, some players shouldn't have dressed)

Ms. Conduct said...

Speaking of Mason, however, I was thinking about the timing of his last visit and lo and behold... it was Nov 22, right before Anton's string of losses started.

Never compliment a hungry goalie...

artandhockey said...

Good Show.. you followed RAU=WOW who did the helper for "the Scrapper"Daoust!
Just saying it would have been nice to see the "one and LONELY" goal...not just read about it, since Better half and I were at the Crunch(lost) Rampage Game in San Antonio, where we still are, he keeping eye on MO VS. Navy game.. his old alma mater Missouri(loosing so far) while I blog, read, comment, write oldtimey letters.
And get ready to celebrate 2010 on the Riverwalk and Alamo Plaza..
Have a Happy New Year y'all and thanks again for the pix. BTW what happened to your blog, Chris?

artandhockey said...

Chris, no, really great shots,thanks..... but, but it would have been SO nice to see that LONELY gaol by "The Scrapper with Rau=Wows helper just saying.
Y'all now have a happy 2010 start.. stay warm and safe!