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Saturday, December 26, 2009

AHL All Star balloting ends Sunday night

It may seem a bit futile, as the Aeros aren't exactly overflowing with flashy all-star talent, but voting for the AHL All-Stars ends Sunday night. So, if you want to get your vote in, head here and git 'er done.

I'd say Khudobin probably has a good chance at one of the 3 Planet USA goaltending spots. Would be pretty a pretty nice streak to have Aeros goalies in the ASG three years in a row.

Not sure any of the Aeros forwards really have the numbers to stand out from the pack this season, though I think Noreau would warrant a nod among the defensemen, given that he's been consistently one of the top scoring defensemen in the league (er, consistently if you don't count the first 20 games of this season).

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