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Monday, December 28, 2009

Right, so... about that 5-4 OT win over Syracuse

Barry either needs to be UP for good or ... well, he just needs to be up for good, because I'm working WAY too hard during these games to get my goalie a win.

Every goal that goes against the Aeros, I'm WILLING with every fiber of my being, the boys to even up the score. And while they did it every time, I'm not sure that's really a sustainable expectation. Who am I kidding? It's absolutely not a sustainable expectation with this low-scoring team. It took two rather unlikely scorers in Testwuide and Lannon to make it happen.

That love from the hockey gods that I promised? There it is. Say thank you.

And hey, betcha nobody went home complaining about a boring game, did ya? It was maybe ... too exciting? Okay, I'm just never happy, am I? :)

One thing I realized, and got Stat Boy (Andrew) to confirm, was that this was the highest number of goals allowed this season while still getting the win. Not sure the value of that stat but I so DON'T have a brain for stats, so I was happy to come up with that.

But here's one that didn't go in. End of the second, lots of pressure in the Aeros end, have that feeling in the pit of my stomach like, "Uh oh, here comes the back-breaker" and then BOOM. Brusty.

I'm not even going to tell you the noises that came out of me on that one, but well... anyway... OMG. If I could marry a save and have its babies, that's the one I'm locking up.

I know, you'd think I'd marry a poke check, but you can't take a poke check home to your parents. The unapologetic bad boy of saves, you don't really want to give the poke access to your savings account, am I right? Would totally party with the poke check though, and maybe get a little tempted by it down the road in a weak moment.

But the glove save... THAT glove save especially... you can feel good about saying 'Yes' to. It's not gonna let you down, but it's still pretty nasty, so you know you won't get bored with it either. ;)

Anyway, big roadie coming up in the mid-west. Hopefully the Aeros penalty kill is hitchhiking around Illinois somewhere and they'll pick it up and use it. That was BRUUUUTAL tonight.

We should have a fun road trip bonus of photos from our Milwaukee-area pal, Chris Jerina. Always fun to see the boys in their road darks and it's nice of Chris to cruise around and catch the games. See ya in a couple of days.


artandhockey said...

Oh that speak went wayy over my head, but them am just and art andhockey gal, no goalie gal... LOL. A verra entertaining night.. but as I said on AaH with "Brusty" it promises to be and it was.. well, the other guyz helped too, even the unexpected "Testy" and "Cannon" Lannon (LOL- found monikerfor Ryan Lannon).
Off to SA for Rampage/CVrunch game... ought to be as interesting.. if nor more so.. Revamped Rampage vs. crunched Syracuse... tee hee. and the word is redhips...amusing, non o oui?

artandhockey said...

In such a hurry the typo devil stuck again.. mea culpa!