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Monday, December 28, 2009

Aeros on Channel 2

The boys don't get on TV too often, so when it does happen, you have to savor it.

You also have to take it with a grain of salt. This interview included a question about why the guys room stinks so bad and a promise (by the interviewer) that Kassian was going to beat the whole of Syracuse up Monday night. Lovely.

Anyway, I apologize for the extreme low-techness of this (recording it off the tv) but that's the best I've got. Maybe the team will provide better footage, but if you're like me, you want it Right.F**king.Now.

And RFN you shall have it.

Here's the intro that showed Brusty's poke check that made me swoon Saturday night:

And here's the interview in all its glory (but here's a much better version of it on CH 2's web site):


artandhockey said...

Thanks, Ms. C. good show...
BB=The Star player ;-)!
some dumb interview questions - "the huMAN factor", I guess, but it's great advertising, nevertheless. THE word is 'incredu'-as in -lous!

CatTrick said...

Thanks for sharing this ... I would have watched it Saturday nite (RFN) had the Aeros put out a press release in ADVANCE ...

Danny Irmen can't possibly be any cuter!!!


R said...

Does anyone know what's up with Zingoni? Is he hurt, or has he just been a healthy scratch?

Ms. Conduct said...

He's been out with a lower body injury. Guessing it was an oversight that he wasn't listed as a scratch tonight.

R said...

Thanks. Fan of his from his days in Philly. I like to try to keep up with his play, just hard sometimes to find out info!

Anonymous said...

@CatTrick.. hans off Irmen, he's married!

ICEVET said...

Ms. C said "the boys don't get on TV too often, so when it does happen, you have to savor it".

Most serious hockey fans in Houston have little or no respect for the local broadcast "media class" because of its collective failure to give hockey "proportionate community coverage" in the 4th largest US Metro and lack of media hockey-IQ. In the grand scheme of things, the occasional pregame walks at Toyota Center (by local sports directors) down the red carpet with ceremonial puck drops are pure media hypocrisy.

For example, it was predictable that the results of Monday night's Crunch game would be ignored by Channel 2, producer of the poorly-planned and executed segment you post. Houston's media history trail is simply littered with lost opportunities to adequately present the sport of hockey to Houston sports fans and to support the Aeros hockey club. Unfortunately, Aeros well-meaning efforts to support local community activities (surging junior hockey leagues, December high school game, and many others)
have failed to offset gradual fan erosion attributable, in part, to this history of media coverage abstinence.

Houston broadcast stations have been "missing in hockey action" for many years and, absent strong steps by the Aeros/Wild organization to deal with this problem, suppport for hockey in the 4th largest Metro will continue to slide, irrespective of the Team's on-ice performance.

Go Aeros!

Ms. Conduct said...

Wives may require hands off, but eyes off is another story completely. ;)

artandhockey said...

ooh ooh, go for it Ms. C and CatTrick.. looking is still a non-censored activity, last I heard. Or has it, too, become non 'pc'?

EVEN Channel 2, Channel TWO!!!
I expected that from Channel 11, BUT TWO?