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Saturday, December 26, 2009

View from the Press Box; Aeros 2, San Antonio 4

No matter how good the Aeros looked in the second period, Saturday's game was over after 10 minutes.

A three-goal deficit for a goal-challenged team is just too much. And that is exactly what happened en route to another half-hearted effort at home.

Maybe the Aeros out to model their jerseys after the t-shirt pictured left.

Right now, there is concern over how several players on the team have let off the gas in recent games. Constantine would not out anyone to the press, but he specifically mentioned a lack of physicality and how there were signs that certain forwards are not competing.

"Our physical play is down significantly the last couple of games," said Constantine. "That is a compete factor for the forwards ... there are some guys that I think whose game is flattened out or has dipped a little bit. There are some individual guys whose games are down right now."

Again, no one naming names.

Perhaps MORE concerning is the Aeros recent problem of giving up a goal when the other team gets their first scoring chance of the game. Before the game tonight, I told Heather that she was going to see Barry play tonight if the Aeros came out flat.

The first games after the Christmas break are always tough for goalies, and I knew KC would go to Brust if Anton could not save the team's bacon early on.

The defense was bad, the goalie was bad ... everyone was bad. Consider this quote from Duncan Milroy:

"Tonight, I just think we shot ourselves in the foot. We were awful in the first period, and teams in this league will bury you if you are not prepared to play 60 minutes."

I know the team is tired of this up-down, up-down garbage at home. If the Aeros don't so something to fix that immediately, they are going to be the last place team no one wants to lose to.

Obviously the coaches are not going to out any individuals to the media. I think that is the way to go. I have my idea of who they are talking about. Who do you think needs to pick up their game?


Forecheck said...

The Who Needs To Pick Up Their Game Department: Everyone, from the coaches to the water boy. But especially the forwards.

Best fed team in the AHL Department : The Houston Aeros, who after the first few shifts looked like they just got off the couch after a big Christmas dinner.

The Who Wanted It More Department : The Rampage, clearly

The Keep Your Eyes On Your Wallet Department: The Aeros’ puck protection, which was absent much of the night.

The Biggest Joke of the Night Department : The boarding call on Daoust in the third. Honorable mention to the last two offside calls on the Aeros.

The What’s Going on Here Padnah? Department : Anton Khudobin, winless in his last six starts.

The Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Department : Barry Brust, AHL ready.

The 98 Pound Weakling Department : The Aeros’ power play, which is stymied in its own end by a single forechecker.

Video Suggestion for John Department : “Comfortably Numb”, reflecting the Aeros’ play in the first period, and how many fans are starting to feel.

Forecheck said...

Oh, forgot one :

Best Family Entertainment the Night After Christmas Department : The Aeros, for having a Bikini contest the night after we celebrate Christ's birth....

Word Verification "ingebart" - A new Simpsons character from Sweden?

artandhockey said...

I am not usually agreeing with Forecheck, but right on with his evaluation...
the word is coincidence... as too many days off, not enought steam left ;-).

B2Bomber said...

Those who need to pick up their game: Fraser, Gunderson, Sifers, Milroy, McMillion, Gillies (scratch), Smith, McMillon, and Falk. I would put Kassian on the list but he did play much better last night.

Steve's sounding too much like Booker did last year. Either get him announcing the games or give him the pink slip. I felt like shoving the microphone up his backside last night.

Bikini contest: This is just an effort to sell seats. I vote to can it as well.

word verification: "lookiniz" as in lookiniz on this list.

Forecheck said...


Milroy :Sometimes good, often indistinguishable from a vacant spot on this ice.

Irmen : Not playing badly at all, usually hustling, but at this point in his carreer should be putting up better numbers. You could argue though that he can't score in a vacuum.

Faulk : inconsistent defense.

Gillies/Almond: The AHL rookie label can no longer be used as an excuse. Might not be running at 100% healthy, either.

Khoudobin : Time to re-attach head on straight.

Regarding Kassian: Not really meant to be a scorer. Out there to be the closest thing the Wild have to an enforcer in the minors. Seems to be filling the role.

Maybe the message will be sent by some guys going to the ECHL.

Kudos in order : Noreau, Daoust, DiSalvator, Rau. Team defense is usually there in terms of minimizing shots.

And yes, Steve is getting out of control. We don't need a cheerleader with a micropohone.

John Royal said...

Forecheck, Almond and Gillies are still battling injury issues, though I think the play for both has been improving.

I agree about Irmen and Kassian. Constantine has said in the past that he loves Irmen as a player, but he wishes that he could find a way to get more goals.

And Anton is Anton. I think he's always going to be a streaky goalie -- when he's on, he's on. When he's not, you need to have a good backup or a Barry Brust sitting around.