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Friday, December 18, 2009

12/18: Aeros 2, Texas 5

You could see this one coming a mile away. The Texas Stars are just damn good. They've slumped a little in goal with Brent Krahn's injury, but Climie is still an excellent goalie and his backup, Dallas prospect Bachman is also proving to be quite good.

The win against them on Tuesday in their barn was... maybe not a fluke... but that certainly wasn't the Texas Stars you get on most nights. And they knew it and you can bet they were looking to redeem themselves like a book of S&H Green Stamps. (How much did I just age myself?)

On top of that, the Aeros are playing 4 games in 6 nights and they looked a little tired. I thought the Stars had the edge on speed and sharpness all night, even though the Aeros seemed to be giving it all the gas they had.

One of the guys will probably give you the full quote, but after the game, Constantine said the goals against were Team Goals Against. Indeed they were. Breakdowns started upfront and rolled back to the net. Man, that second goal on Dubie by Peters was just sick. Sure Gunderson got beat badly on it, but it was a sweet goal finding the hole over Dubie's shoulder.

I continue to be impressed by Cody Almond. He just has terrific vision and hockey sense and does the "little things" coaches always talk about that make a big difference.

Brandon Rogers is another guy who really seems to have that ability to dig deep and find energy when others seem to be lagging a bit. He was terrific tonight. And really, you can't say enough about a guy who goes from being a cornerstone of a team's defense to being the STARTING CENTER. This isn't just like John Scott filling in on the wing. That's still a tough transition, but centers have more responsibility, a LOT more skating, and then to be the starting center? Wow.

We always have a laugh about it and shake our heads when he's announced as such each night because of what it says about the team as a whole, but it says nothing but really great things about Brandon.

This isn't going to be popular, but I'm going old school with the stick figure today. Well, technically there's no stick figure at all, but this is the kind of thing where a string of photos from Fred would probably give us some proof one way or the other as to that no-goal call.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter, but we all felt like based on replays that it was not a goal. It looked like it hit the back of the post and out, but I really don't believe if you could look down from above, that the puck was ALL the way over the line.

This drawing conclusively proves that T3I needs Fred taking pictures for us, because that is just craptastic and proves absolutely nothing.

Speaking of Fred, be sure and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY because he turns 29 today (Saturday)! Happy Birthday Freddycakes!


artandhockey said...

DICCO(the word).. that says it all to both your postings.... agree with some disagree with some.
Most definitely..hard working team,individually good to great skaters..... but no oomph, NO MAGIC!!!

artandhockey said...

No Defense, despite what was so bruited about at the start of the season!
No offense that gives results!
Hard working BUT....
Good skating BUT....
Put it all together and what do you get: NOTHING exciting!
One can't get too upset, can't get too excited, there are no nail biters, no heart stoppers-in a word NO MAGIC.
Entertainment, perhaps, but then so are many other events! still, am learning a lot by seeing what could be, should be and isn't. ;-).

Fred Trask said...

Awww, thanks for the warm wishes H. While I'm not 29 I'm glad you aren't simply dyslexic nor did you accidentally transpose the digits. :-)

It looked pretty clear on AHL Live (as you'll be able to see shortly) that there was no goal. Also, if you know anything about physics you'd know a puck can not hit that post on the inside, and be all the way over the goal line, and still come out at the resulting angle that it did. Clearly it was not over the goal line. It was a good hard shot that went past Climie and into the net area and very quickly off of the post and back out at almost the same angle it went in. It was easy to think it went in though with the tape on the knob of Climie's stick being dark one could easily mistake that for the puck.

Why on Earth would the goalie want to have a dark tape job? For no better reason than to avoid confusion, I'd have to go with a white tape job.

Ms. Conduct said...

Fred, I completely agree. I don't even like when goalies have the black toe of their sticks untaped with white because that can REALLY look like a puck.

Fred Trask said...

That's why many goalies used to wear white skates. I don't notice that as much any more though.

ICEVET said...

Most would agree that the Aeros are on their way to a forgettable ("boring" per John Royal) season .....following the memorable and quite remarkable 2008-9 Calder Cup campaign. This tracks and correlates with the prediction of the T3I SAGES in September.

Notwithstanding, win or lose, those fans who truly love hockey should feel very fortunate that they have a Team in Houston, with an opportunity to enjoy the game, first hand, and improve their knowledge about this great competitive professional sport.

B2Bomber said...

Okay, I agree with some of you and don't agree entirely with others, but let's not forget we are dealing with a MINOR league team and developing players. I'd still go to the games and support them even if they were dead last behind SA. I know I sometimes gripe about them and as fans we have the right to do so but this team is what we've got. Individuals have to decide to continue to be STH and fans of the team or go fish.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Fred!!! Hope you had a terrific day. We really miss your photographs as well as your comments on the games.

Fred Trask said...

Thanks Anon! It was a good day for sure.

CatTrick said...

Happy belated birthday, Fred ... glad to hear it was a good one.

The second paragraph of ICEVET's comment was sooooo right on (as ICEVET consistently is ...). I'm extremely grateful to the Houston Aeros, whatever they prove to be, for giving me the chance to learn and enjoy the coolest game on earth.