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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

View from the Press Box - Aeros 2, San Antonio 1 (OT)

The Aeros are in a rhythm now and the light at the end of the tunnel is Sunday's game against the Grand Rapids Griffins.

After Wednesday's 2-1 overtime win against San Antonio, the Aeros have two games before the Christmas break and they are going to do everything they can to make it a five-game winning streak heading into Christmas.

I like short-term goals, and Noreau (whose goal was an absolute beauty) said the Aeros need to start stringing together a few wins, and now is the perfect time to do it.

John will write more later about Wednesday game, but here are a few instant observations:

  • The Aeros looked a bit sluggish to start, but hey, they played their fourth game in less than a week.
  • Dubielewicz didn't allow any goals as the Aeros were outshot 11-10 in the first 20 minutes.
  • The Aeros out-shot the Rampage 26-13 in the next 40 minutes.
  • Colton Gillies scored his first goal since opening night.
  • Jon Disalvatore and Justin Falk did a great job of getting the puck to Nathan Smith, who then fed a wide-open Gillies for the east 1-0 lead.
  • Josh Tordjman played his best game of the year against the Aeros Wednesday night.
  • Jeff Smith is way too predictable.
  • Someone needs to tell Jeff Smith that he is way too predictable.
  • Jeff Smith is one of the luckiest men alive.


Forecheck said...

It might also help if Smith would actually put some effort into his skating. He might see more if he could keep up with the play, and wouldn't be in the way so much when the play passes him by.

Speaking of passing - sheesh - the Aeros were returning to their old ways again tonight.

Word verification "kahsming" - the sound made by Kassian slamming someone into the boards.

artandhockey said...

It made the game go fast... rough housing ior wrse, slows it down. Jeff Smith REF Nr.1 for me. Neither team got penalized..although..there WERE a couple on incidents... but he let both incidents pass.

B2Bomber said...

Not so, there was a penalty in the early in the first on JP Testwuide for holding. I think it was the only penalty of the game. I'd have to check the box score to confirm. Also, about 7:49 or so in the second I, and several others around me, could have swore that a puck went in goal and back out hard for San Antonio. I was astonished when the light didn't go on. I thought I might have been seeing things when the people behind me confirmed what I "thought" I saw. By all rights it should have been 2-1 and ended in regulation with SA on top.

B2Bomber said...

Zimmerman also got a holding penalty in the second after checking the scoring sheet. I also noticed on the AHL site that Noreau and Dubie had the second and third star of the league, but alas, there were only two games going on in the league. I've noticed that the "stars" are usually selected from the east. No bias, is there?

artandhockey said...

Yes,Yes, I do know, as O posted on my blog after the game.
But ONLY two penalties and
ONLY two Powerplays..all that contributed to a fast moving game, no passing the puck, no playing for time to kill penalties, etc.