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Friday, November 20, 2009

View from the Pressbox - Aeros 2, Admirals 3

The Aeros played their hearts out Friday night and came up a little short against a Milwaukee Admirals team playing the first of six straight games in Texas.

The Aeros had only 10 natural forwards on the ice, including Brandon Buck, who made it to the rink about an hour before game time. Jamie Fraser (corrected) and Brandon Rogers played forward, and Clayton Stoner pulled up lame before the game.

(I think Sifers may have played some at forward, too ... but I will check Sunday and try to get some line combinations before the game.)

Down 3-0 early in the third period, the Aeros started playing desperate hockey, and played it well. They got a pretty goal from Peter Kalus, who was named the No. 1 star of the game. He might have been the best player on the ice, but I would have given the No. 1 nod to Ryan Jones, who scored the game winner 65 seconds into the third period.

Anton let in two softies and only played eight minutes. Wade Dubielewicz was good in relief, and made a spectacular save in the second period.

The power play scored again, but the Aeros, who have the No. 1 penalty kill, allowed another power play goal.

The thing that bugs me just a little bit is the fact that the Aeros keep playing defensemen at forward. That means two things. Either the Aeros' defensemen are better than any forward they could find in the ECHL or CHL, or the Aeros are just REALLY hoping both they and the Wild get better fast.

We asked Kevin Constantine after the game that very question ... and he pretty much said there's not really enough time, especially tonight, to get bodies here in time for game.

So we asked him again, if there were plans to get forwards, who have played forward their whole lives, in for a game or two until the locust infestation makes its way out of St. Paul.

Kevin said we'd have to talk to the bosses about that.

That was about 15 minutes ago, so guess what I am going to do tomorrow.

Have a good night all. The Aeros are only going to go as far as their goaltending takes them. But they are fun to watch, and their work ethic is as good as I have ever seen for a team wearing the bomber gear.

Here is a list of the seven regular players, yes seven, that the Aeros were missing Friday in their 3-2 loss against Milwaukee.

Clayton Stoner - late scratch, sore back; should be able to go Sunday
J.P Testwuide - week to week with a shoulder
Cody Almond - few weeks away with a broken wrist
Andy Hilbert - few weeks away with a sprained knee
Danny Irmen - on recall to Minnesota (-1 in today's win)
Robbie Earl - on recall to Minnesota (even in today's win)
Nathan Smith - on recall to Minnesota (CORRECTED...PLAYED vs. NYI)


Anonymous said...

Smith played tonight with the Wild. Got in a fight in the 1st and got time on the PK.

artandhockey said...

Will they bring back 'Feisty Fergie' Or Dylan Hunter.. or? Some of the ones let go after the first game or so??

Agree, they skated desperately, fast, tried to do right things, BUT it did not quite work out.

Heard Gillies may be 'under the weather', again, too?
Kudos to 'Dubie', although... without some quick reflexes by f.i. Fraser ....

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

THANKS....i corrected myself on the blog.