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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Barry Brust en route to ECHL Florida (With Updates)

Barry Brust has been with the Aeros for awhile, so he is like family. He's a good goalie on the ice and an even better person off it.

His foot injury last year was devastating at the time as it forced the Aeros into a rotating goalie situation to close out the regular season. The team barely made the playoffs, but a 10-10 showing got them to the Western Conference finals on the back of Anton Khudobin.

Nolan Schaefer was hurt, too, and even Khudobin could not finish the playoffs healthy.

To make matters worse, Barry hurt he same foot during training camp this year and has not played a minute. That will change Friday night at Germain Arena in Florida where he will take the ice for the first of two ECHL games with an alligator on his sweater.

(Growing up in Canada, you just know that is what all the boys brag about .... wearing an alligator on your uni.)

Seriously, though ... Barry needs minutes and this will give him a chance to test the foot and get into some sort of a rhythm. Before Christmas last year, he was on fire ... and that is the kind of netminder Barry can be at the AHL level. But in order to get there, he will need to see some shots, and this is the perfect chance for him to get that.

Barring the unforeseen, he will play Saturday in the second of back-to-back games against the Toledo Walleye. (Yes, I know ... it will be the gators vs. the fish in the all-marine affair. Anyone hungry?)

T3I will stay on top of Barry (not literally) and we'll post links to the game sheets and stories from the local newspapers.

Update: Here's a link to the Everblades beat writer's blog. Also, he'll be tweeting the games this weekend, so you can follow his Twitter here.

Another Update: I spoke with Aeros GM Jim Mill this afternoon. This is a rehab move to get Brust some solid playing time. Something more than practice. He needs game action to shake off the rust and to test his foot.


buddhafisch said...

Hey Andrew-

With the new affiliation with the Chiefs, why is he not going there?

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

I honestly have no idea.
I don't even think the Aeros or Wild for that matter have recognized Johnstown as a partner. But I could have missed that.

(If anyone does know otherwise, please chime in ... and link would be great!)

Barry may be in the ECHL for awhile, even if he stays healthy since, right now, there just is no room in Houston.

Because of that uncertainty ... he MAY have been given the option between the two places. If that is the case, then based on weather alone, he chose correctly.

Ms. Conduct said...

Part of it may be that Florida's #1 goalie, Chris Beckford-Tseu is up with Rochester for Tyler Plante, who's been out with a knee injury for a while now.

So, it's close and they actually need someone, plus there's an established relationship with Malcolm Cameron.

buddhafisch said...

I have an email here from Ryan Stanzel, PR guy from the Wild, that confirms the affiliation. He said that the Wild would not be issuing a statement about it, since Johnstown already had...

Maybe I will email Ryan.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

I don't think that is necessary ... Ms.Conduct hit it right on the head with why he is going to Florida.

but thanks for the tip; glad to know the affiliation does indeed exist.

buddhafisch said...

Nice work, H. Can always count on you.

Ms. Conduct said...

Queen of the AHL Goalies, at your service.

Jen said...

I think at least one member of T3I wouldn't mind staying on top of Barry - sacrificing for the job and all that.

Ms. Conduct said...

I know, right? I'm always telling Andrew to tone that shit down but nooo, it's all, "OMG Barry is so awesome! I <3 you Mr. April!!!"

Very unprofessional but he's funny and has nice facial hair, so we indulge him.

Andrew J. Ferraro said...

DAY - har - har.

B2Bomber said...

Carolina signed Manny Legace today. He'll make $500K at the NHL level and $105,000 if he gets sent to the minors. Cam Ward will be out for a while.

Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah, I was just reading something saying that Ward might not be out that long after all (the day after I dump him off my FH team... dammit!) As short as 2 weeks even.

At least if Manny gets sent down to the A again, he'll go to the East. Love the guy but kinda got tired of playing him all the time last year. :)

artandhockey said...

Everblades, here we come on January 18! One excellent reason to see a game there! Trip was planned .. but now we are even more excited....will report to Ms. C. on BB...or do you want to come along?
Legacy news are already old hat...posted that in T3I a few days ago!

Ms. Conduct said...

Good gravy, I hope he's not still there in January. I want him here! *imagine 3 year old on the floor, kicking and banging fists*

FinnArgh said...

Don Maloney better not sign Chris Chelios Friday night in San Antonio!
Chris Chelios Appreciation Society would not be very happy to cancel the Sunday meeting.