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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flashing your Brusts ...

Ahhh, it's good to have friends in swampy places! Fred may not be able to take pictures for us at Aeros games, but he just happens to have a fellow photographer friend, Bethani Shilladay, who shoots the Everblades and was kind enough to share her shots of Brusty with us.

Thank you Fred and thank you Bethani! Beautiful shots!!

The new pads actually look pretty good with the special camo sweaters the Blades were wearing last night (they were auctioned off after the game). Would look better with an Aeros uni. Just sayin'. That's a lot of gold there, Brusty! :)

POKE CHECK! Haha... awesome. This is the one in the shootout.
Brusty's right... how'd he not see that coming? From this shot,
doesn't look like it's gonna work, but it does.

The best part of a win outside of the 2 points... Goalie nuzzles!

Was the fighter pilot mask deemed bad luck?
He's back in his Texas/Houston themed mask.

"You remember that time you played the puck so far up the ice it was almost icing? That was AWESOME!"

"And remember the time you whacked that screen with your stick? That was AWESOME!"

All photos: Bethani Shilladay


artandhockey said...

WOW.. great looks..from all angles.
Wish I'd seen those before I posted, briefly, today..

Fred Trask said...

Bethani rocks! She shoots well and is an all around awesome human being.

Thanks for the assist Beth!

B2Bomber said...

Yeah, looks in the pictures like Brust is wearing his Aeros knickers as well.!