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Saturday, November 14, 2009

11/14: Aeros v. Monsters

Aeros seemed to have lost their intensity, and certainly their dominance, when faced with a determined and angry Lake Erie Monsters team today.

To be honest, the first two periods were freezing constantly on AHL Live (they got it fixed in the third) but it certainly seemed like a role reversal (though with better defense in their own end for the Aeros) from yesterday's game.

There's so much that's mental about hockey and I can't help but wonder if between the 6-0 drubbing and Kalus's behavior, the wind was maybe out of the Aeros sails a bit. I dunno. Just a theory. Probably full of merde again.

Regardless, goalie Tyler Weiman was certainly back to his usual form and redeemed himself nicely, as did the rest of the team, really showing character to man up after a tough loss yesterday.

The boys flew back after the early game and will be on home ice tomorrow at 4:05 against Chicago. Apparently Chris Chelios was being scouted by Phoenix this weekend. He got two assists in the 4-3 OT win. (And in a display of massive homerism... and yes, I see that the tying goal was made after the stars were chosen, but still... check out the three stars.)

Brusty update: He didn't play tonight contrary to some conjecture, though it never really made much sense to me that he'd play back to back in his first start in 7 months.

However, the Everblades are on a 3 game win streak since he arrived. You know who could use luck? Houston. Just saying.

Next game for Florida is Wednesday against Brusty's former ECHL team, the Reading Royals.

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artandhockey said...

Did Friday 13th use up all the luck going for the Monster/Aeros combat?
6:0 one time plus inane remark equals loss second time around?

Yes, Monsters overcame the strident loss to Aeros "menfully" (mispelling on purpose)and bounced back with vigor...a lesson to be learned?