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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Am He As You Are He...

Bad news. You're going to have to get through this weekend's games, especially the Sunday game against Chicago, without me. That's right, there's not going to be a long meandering post making absolutely no sense after Sunday's game.

There's not a problem. I'll just be out of town and I'll be back for Wednesday's game -- speaking of which, I'm working on something for the mothership on Tuesday that's related to Wednesday's game, so watch this space. Meanwhile, I'm going to be in L.A. this weekend pitching a reality show to a reality show producer friend of mine -- I'm thinking Real Doc Review Attorneys of Harris County.

I'm not sure that either one wants it, but I'm turning over Sunday DJ duties to Andrew and Heather. Which means you probably won't be getting any Beatles songs as a video -- I'm making it a quest to see if I can connect a Beatles song/video to the rest of my game posts for this season. It's my working theory that The Beatles have a song that fits most situations.

So enjoy the games this weekend.

And because I can't, at the moment think of anyway that "I Am The Walrus" will ever relate to any Aeros game, I'm playing it here. See everybody on Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

Safe travels, good luck, and we'll miss you!!

Forecheck said...

John, after tonight's win I think you need to go out of town more. Like maybe the whole season?

John Royal said...

It's nice to be appreciated.