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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11/18: Aeros 1, Peoria 0

Two little things this team seems to have an unpleasant knack for: getting "too many men on the ice" penalties and whiffing on grade A opportunities around the net.

To be fair, they also do lots of things well, like kill penalties in their sleep (how rocking was the PK tonight? It looked absolutely effortless against one of the best power play teams in the league) or blocking shots. But those two little things have been a consistent problem.

So much that I wanted to ask the equipment guys after the game if the sticks were too short or the skates were too tall, causing the stick-to-ice distance to be a little different than what they're used to.

The too many men is really rather inexplicable though. I haven't looked back at the score sheets to see how many times they've gotten this lately, but why is this so hard? I've never seen a team get that penalty so often in a stretch. Luckily, the PK is so good, it hardly matters, other than it's more time they're NOT getting to whiff on pucks at the other end.

Personally, I'm kinda numb after that game. I know a W is a W, but well, maybe it's my fault for splitting my attention with Brusty's game in Florida. (Like you'd expect anything else from me?)

Very quiet with shots only 12-11 for Peoria in the first two periods. The Everblades game, even on the fuzzy little B2 feed online, was more engrossing, at least until the third period where Brusty sat out due to what I'm told is a minor injury.

But things picked up midway through the third with Daoust's power play tap in off a Bishop rebound 11 minutes into the third.

The boys did a great job of holding down the fort and blocking a ton of shots to hold the shutout for Khudobin. I KNOW Peoria got more pressure on them than the official-but-piddly 4 shots on goal in the third indicates.

Anyway, congrats to Khudobin on his shutout, always a special accomplishment. The team played beautiful defense on top of Anton just being on his game and stamping down every little fire in his crease. He should get an endorsement deal from... oh, never mind. That joke is too gross even for me. You're welcome.

I'm going to miss Friday's game against Milwaukee, at least in person, but I WILL be there Sunday, dog in tow (though I'm thinking he's probably not allowed on press row, so he and Mr. C will be hanging out over in the dog section). Can't wait for that! See you there.


artandhockey said...

The 'David facing down ( no, UP, UP, UP) Goliad' incident in the 2nd was a site for sore eyes! That was Daoust in front of Bishop and it had to be UP!

ICEVET said...

Artandhockey's reference to the away-from-the-puck "face-off" in front of Peoria's goal crease, which occurred between 5-7 Daoust and 6-7 Bishop in the 2nd (face masks separated by only a few inches), was a memorable highlight of the night (followed in the 3rd with the sequel "face-off" won by Daoust, when he potted the redirect PP goal). Unfortunately, in the absence of the prolific photographic skills of Fred Trask, this particular "moment on the ice" will be forever lost to serious Aeros fans.

Anonymous said...

ICEVET said... in the absence of the prolific photographic skills of Fred Trask, this particular "moment on the ice" will be forever lost to serious Aeros fans.

I miss Mr. Fred's photos so much, as well as his comments. It was great to get the win. I was disappointed we didn't see a little more of Mitch Love. Maybe next time.

CatTrick said...

I couldn't agree more about missing Fred's wonderful photograpic contributions (altho stick figures are still very much appreciated!). That absence is coupled with the less than stellar photos on aerosphotos.com ... the quality just isn't there this season, and the focus (pardon the pun) IMO is on fans, intermission "entertainment," and money-making. I know that other teams have been making game photos available to fans only for view online or for purchase, but I deeply resent this move by the Aeros' front office. If they want the players to seem "accessible" to their fans, this isn't the way to do it. It's greedy. I know ... it's their team and they can do what they want. But many of us already spend a lot of our hard-earned bucks to support the team in a bad economy, and paying for game photos is something I won't do.

(OK, I'm stepping down from my soap-box now ... thank you, thank you very much ... )

artandhockey said...

Right on, Anon..

forecheck said...

Ms. C - Your stick figure Bishop needs to be waist high at the crossbar!

Ms. Conduct said...

I know. He's way too small. You know, if we had photos, they would be much more accurate.

CatTrick said...

LOL ... you got that right, but the stick figures sure do show a lot of artistry and creativity!!!