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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mitch Love Day

Our old friend Mitch Love is coming back to Houston tomorrow for the first time since signing with Peoria, and here's a couple of pieces to read to get you ready for it.

First up is John's article for the Press, which you can check out here. Some great quotes from Mitch and others in there. He clearly wanted to be back here as much as most Aeros fans wanted him here. The business end of hockey is really the business end sometimes.

And second is Mitch's second blog post for KING5 in Seattle, which you can read here. The picture of him cracks me up. As tough a son of a gun as he is, I picture him in my mind with a smile on his face. But he's quite serious there. :)


Anonymous said...

It will be great to see Mitch. Everyone misses him!

Just wondering what your thoughts are on Robbie Earl...scoring twice in the Wild's game the other night. Quite impressive, I'd say.

Ms. Conduct said...

Very impressive. Never mind John Scott's goal 20 seconds after Robbie's first. It was like the Twilight Zone for a moment. :)

artandhockey said...

Re LOVE and Wathier confrontation, I seem to recall a super pix by our favorite camera guru.. any chance of repeating it. Just to remind all how tough LOVE is... Kass better watch out tomorrow night, he wouldn't want to tangle wth LOVE....:-D word is laissez... (faire) could mean que sera...?

artandhockey said...

Per Russo:
'The Wild may call up a forward today. However, I don't expect an announcement until tonight or the morning'
Which one of the Aeros will get the call? Any ideas? Beekinde is the word. How apropos!

Anonymous said...

Danny Irmen was called up this evening. Danny was spotted at Bush Airport waiting for a flight to Minneapolis St. Paul.

artandhockey said...

Great for Danny, he's earned it many times over. Hope he will be successful and finally stick up there!

CatTrick said...

"Despite Earl’s big game on Sunday, and Irmen being a Gopher, both players know their time with the big club could end at any time once Chuck Kobasew, Benoit Pouliot and Petr Sykora return fully healthy. The only way they will stay up is if they can consistently make big impacts."

(quote from wild.nhl.com)

artandhockey said...

So what! We can still hope and wish them the success they've earned.