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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aeros v. Lake Erie: Today at NOON (CT)

I'm finally fully saturated in Brustydom and ready to move on to cover the team I actually cover. *sheepish*

So, I'm watching the archive of last night's 6-0 plastering of the Lake Erie Monsters, and I hear Joe say "these two teams meet up at noon tomorrow." Huh?

Yeah, way to keep up. Apparently, the boys meet up at the unusual time of noon (CT) today. So, if you planned to listen and are as oblivious as me, here's your heads up.

I'll go ahead and post this and then come back and add some comments about last night's game. Check in just before game time and hopefully I'll be done. Some interesting stuff from the game that sets up some intrigue for today.

Okay, the Aeros scored more goals in the last 3 games then they did in the previous 8 games. Have the Aeros just run into cold goalies or did the Goalie Angel's magic goal scoring fairy dust actually work?

It helps to have that whole power play nonsense behind them, as they score on two of four power play opportunities last night. They're still in the basement for that particular stat but last time I checked, the W stat is the one that matters. And they've still only allowed an incredibly stingy 2 power play goals in 16 games. Think about that. That's a pretty sparkly feather in the cap of this Aeros defense and penalty kill.

And last night was no different, as the Aeros were rock solid defensively. Khudobin had some good saves in his 17 stops for the shutout, but the defensive play in front of him that not only kept a ton of shots away from him, but also cleared his rebounds to safety, was the real first star IMO. Watching that game with goalie eyes, I think Anton owes some steak dinners to a few guys.

Nathan Smith got the first goal on the power play in the first period. Then, in the second period, Danny Irmen got goal number 2 when he collected a pass from DiSalvatore (three assists on the night), who was behind the net, and just kinda tossed a shot almost behind himself and Tyler Weiman was just a little off angle for it.

Third goal came from Stoner off a rocket from the point that must have gone through about 5 guys. That one had eyes for sure. And less than 2.5 minutes later, Noreau got a great feed from Milroy and just sniped a beauty past Weiman, who then got the hook in favor of Trevor Cann.

Apparently, Weiman, who is actually a very good goalie, having shut out the Aeros for over 122 minutes until last night, was coming off a bit of a flu bug so maybe that accounts for some of his struggles. Then again, sometimes it's just not your night.

The Aeros 5th goal came just prior to the buzzer at the end of the second period when Brandon Rogers potted the second power play goal of the night and his second goal of the season.

The biggie though, was the Aeros 6th goal, scored by Petr Kalus off the breakaway. He didn't get the shot off but he kind of kicked Cann's leg back as he was being harassed by a Monsters defenseman, and the momentum of the puck just carried it right into a gap between the goalie's leg and the post.

The goal was kind of a greasy one but even greasier was when Kalus skated to the Aeros bench with his hand behind his ear and one leg up, basically saying, "I can't hear you" to the silenced Lake Erie bench and crowd.

A real douchebag move and he got a 10 minute misconduct for it, which I think was a gift from the refs to keep him from getting murdered on his next shift. In the video, you can even see Noreau shaking his head and telling him to knock if off as he gets to the Aeros bench.

The team was embarrassed by the move and made no bones about it later with the local reporter in the room. This is one of the best game stories I've read all season. It goes into Kalus' idiocy, the embarrassing score, and Weiman's tantrum after he got the hook. It's like a friggin' soap opera, so go read it. Great stuff.

We'll see if Kalus plays today, though you can be sure the players on the Monsters bench won't soon forget what he did, so even if Constantine keeps him out to minimize the distraction, that move is gonna come back to bite him eventually.

This Monsters team is mad and embarrassed and will be loaded for bear today. So either the refs will call it tight in order to keep the peace resulting in a boring, penalty-laden affair, or the Monsters will turn the Aeros physicality around on them and it will be a hootenanny. 15 minutes until we find out.


Forecheck said...

I hope Constantine either scratches Kalus or paints a big target on him, not that Cleveleand's players will need it.

The first way will be a safer way to teach him not to do something this stupid again, the second way will be much more effective.

Forecheck said...

Since the Chronicle didn't bother to run more than 50 words on Friday's game, I found the following in the Cleveland newspaper regarding the Kalus incident:

Houston clocks, rocks, mocks Lake Erie
By Dennis Manoloff
November 14, 2009, 2:50AM

........After Kalus scored at 12:25 of the third for the final margin, he cruised past the Lake Erie bench and made several mocking gestures. Monsters players exchanged words with him at the time, and several players from each team jawed after the final horn.

"In a chat with their players, they definitely didn't condone what he did," Haydar said. "What goes around, comes around."

Aeros coach Kevin Constantine and Kalus were apologetic in the postgame locker room.

"It's not what we are as an organization," Constantine said. "It's not what we are as a group of athletes."

Kalus said: "It was a stupid thing to do. I got caught up in the emotion of the moment."

As Kalus spoke, a teammate walked by and said, "Just say you're an idiot."


Word verification "retterse". As in - "Is Kalus feeling retterse about his actions yet?"