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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wild recalls Robbie Earl

The Wild have recalled Robbie Earl today.
They want a body in Calgary just in case they trade a player before the deadline.

Robbie works hard, and is the fastest player on the team, but I don't think he's been at his best since his initial recall to the NHL. I was going to ask him about that Friday, but I don't know that I will get the chance at this point. Russo believes that the Wild is close to trading Eric Belanger, and if that happens, Earl could be in St. Paul for the rest of the year.

For those of you hoping or thinking the Wild will get some help for the Aeros, don't bet on it.
Tony Hrkac is likely the only deal they are going to make. From what I understand, since Jon DiSalvatore has dibs on No. 14, Hrkac will sport No. 25 when he eventually plays for the team.

As far as when that when will be, I would have to think he'll make his Aeros 2010 debut on 3/12 at home vs. Peoria. We'll see.

I do believe the Aeros/Wild tried to make a deal for a forward via trade ... and I guess we'll see if any teams changed their minds later on today.


Anonymous said...

If Earl is the best we could send up...the Aeros and the Wild are in trouble. Earl even seemed to be playing for the other team during our games....and the Wild want him ?! Come on now...there are better on the AEROS !!! Ones who would appreciate it and not take it for granted...ones who would not act like they are too good for the Aeros, Earl !!!! Cause your not, Earl !!!

Forecheck said...

Why bother with Hrkac? He won't get us into the playoffs alone. The only thing it gives the Ministry of Truth a chace to say , "Look, we sent you help.Now stop complaining."

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B2Bomber said...

Well, Eric Belanger was traded to the Capitals today for a future second round draft pick. I guess Earl may be with the Wild for the remainder of the season.

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Jonathan said...

I have mixed feelings about Earl. I saw him at Wisconsin for three years. I know he is one of the most talented players to come out of Wisconsin. I also think he is one of the more talented players for the Aeros, but lacks on the side of effort on the defensive end. I know staying healthy is a huge part of a players career, but maybe he could back check every once and a while.