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Thursday, March 4, 2010

To help an old friend...

Well, I am sure many of you have heard by now. A member of the Aeros 1999 Turner Cup Championship team, forward Jeff Christian, is preparing for the battle of his life. It has nothing to do with hockey, and it's far more serious.

Christian, the only Aeros I believe to ever put on the sweater No. 72 (he was also named the comeback player of the year that season), found out recently that his daughter (Ryan) has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. As someone that can personally attest to getting some pretty awful news about a child, I implore you to stop by the Booster Club table Friday night and donate whatever you can to help out.

The Tailgunners will be raffling off an autographed Aeros jersey with the proceeds going to help Jeff and his family. Tickets are one for $5 or three for $10. I would really, really love for the booster club to be able to send $1,000 up his way. I know we can do it.

Jeff now plays in the CHL for the Missouri Mavericks, and is truly one of the guys that plays for the love of the game. He is one of the league's stars, but I assure you any and all help will be forever appreciated.

Below are some links to a few stories about this situation.

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Follow up (the Aeros' booster club is mentioned here, so let's not let them down!)
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Let's be sure to show Jeff that he and his family are well-supported down in the Bayou City.



Aeros said...

You guys rock at 3rd Intermission. Thanks for putting this up. And yes, it'd be nice to see $1,000+ for the Christian's.

Aeros said...

Tickets will be on sale again at the game this Friday. Stop by the B.C. Table and get some.