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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sifers reassigned to Aeros

The Wild reassigned defenseman Jaime Sifers to the Aeros today. Brent Burns is good enough to go in St. Paul, and Greg Zanon, per Mike Russo, looks like he will play through that broken ankle.

The Aeros don't play again until Friday, but the Wild, I think, play twice before then. It's likely the Wild will suffer an injury or two before Friday, but I know the Aeros could really benefit from having a mostly complete team for the first time in a long time.

A win Friday gets the team back to .500.


Chris Jerina said...

Subsequently, good bye to Brandon Straub who was released today.

Thanks to him for making "Tough Guy Night" remotely believeable after Kassian was a scratch Saturday.

Forecheck said...

"A win Friday gets the team back to .500."

Too bad an average AHL team is something like 0.565.

BobbyR said...

Nice hat Forecheck, where can we buy them at?

artandhockey said...

So, Almond is back with the Wild. Called away just in time for the Monsters in Houston, but he, IMO, wouldn't have made that much difference.

Forecheck said...

Bobby -

Maybe I can sell them, minus the logo, outside the Toy Box, pre-cut?

I've been wondering if some sort of fan protest isn't in order - either a paper bag night or a walk-out. Walk-outs can really send a message but they are harder to co-ordinate. What happens if the Aeros are for some strange reason up 3-0 at the walk-out time?

(Not that we have to worry much about the Aeros being up 3-0.)

Forecheck said...


From another blog. Not that
I am advocating these per se, especially #5 which is basicaslly illegal. I guess I am at #1 and #6....

The Nine Circles Of Fan-Anger in Sports

A group of Bills fans recently bought time on a billboard in order to voice their displeasure with the team’s direction. That’s not unheard of, seeing how a bunch of Notre Dame supporters did the same thing earlier this year. But considering all the different ways a fan can show his or her displeasure, where does buying a billboard rank?

So to borrow the form of Dante’s Divine Comedy, we split up the different types of fan-anger into nine circles. And while there are different rings and regions of hell that could have afforded more classification, we stuck to nine circles. It’s our hell, and if you don’t like it … well, let’s get to the fan-hate.

Circle 1: Those who comment on the Internet

Easily the most harmless form of a fan’s discontent. These unfortunate souls hide behind anonymous names and let it fly. But hey, if people didn’t have this outlet, there’d probably be more violence at the stadiums.

Circle 2: Those who boo, hiss and heckle

These Bronx cheers are a step up from simple Internet posts. It’s still relatively anonymous, but these fans at least have the commitment to show up to the stadium.

Circle 3: Those who wear a player’s jersey, long after he is traded away

It’s one of the more obstinate displays of displeasure. This fan continues to wear a jersey of a long-departed player, partially out of their outrage and partially because they shelled out $150 bucks and don’t want it to go to waste.

Circle 4: Those whose use posters and markers to send a message

Most signs are pretty supportive. Others spell out ESPN or CBS in order to get on camera. And then there are the guys who bust out their magic markers in order to send a message.

Circle 5: Those who throw stuff

Tossing stuff onto the field is obviously a major step up from straight booing. And you could sub-divide this based on what’s actually being thrown. A crumpled up program or cup of beer? Not a big deal. But when it devolves to batteries or bags of urine? Then we’re talking about something else entirely.

Circle 6: Those who place the grocery bag over their face

There’s no better universal sign for a fan’s longtime anger than the paper bag over the head. Sure, someone might have tried the plastic bag, but that can’t possibly send the same message. And while you could argue that the paper bag is a little over-done, but it still sends a pretty clear signal that fans would rather not have themselves identified as supporters of that particular team. It’s also a sign that someone took the effort to sneak a paper bag into the stadium.

Circle 7: Those who buy billboards

This one seems like a much more expensive version of the message board post. It always follows the same pattern. Someone drums up some fans and collects enough money. They buy the billboard and insert some clever slogan, and then the local news reports on it. Does it ever work? Who knows.

Circle 8: Those who walk out

This is a pretty rare bird in the world of fan discontent. For a fan walkout to take place, things need to get so dire, that someone champions the cause of an uprising. The biggest one in recent memory came in 2007, when a Pittsburgh businessman led a walkout at a Pirates game. Only about 1,000 people took part, but the attention it drew only highlighted exactly how bad things have gotten for the Pirates.

Circle 9: Those who cheer their team’s failure

Dante wrote that the inner-most circle of Hell is reserved for traitors. And in the sports world, it’s when a sports fan turns into an abomination. He or she is now actively hoping that the franchise fails, be it for a better draft pick or simply out of schadenfreude. There might still be a glimmer of hope when a fan reaches this point, but you’d never know it, because they’re too busy clapping at every fumble.

artandhockey said...

@Forecheck: re #5...tossing a 'PLAYTHING' instead at every game..just think how many kids would receive a toy for months to come ;-)!
Otherwise as a blogger, I go with #1. Not liking hats I will not wear a bag either ;-)!
Re Jerseys,already wearing ONLY the ones which have my favorite colors, defunct teams or not! and at much lower $$ outlay!
THE word is skid...how apropos, eh?
And yet:
GO AEROS, we must reward them for trying so hard, that IS the latest philoophy-no child a loser!