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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Round-up

The Aeros are back home tonight for Clutterbuck Bobblehead Night, Kids Weekend, Tough Guy Night, etc etc. Should be a decent crowd, especially for a team deeeeep in the basement of its division.

Luckily, we might just have a couple of decent games on our hands here, as Milwaukee is in the fourth spot in the division and trying to make sure they secure that playoff position. You know they're watching Peoria, 3 points behind them, and know they MUST take some points out of this weekend.

The Aeros, on the other hand, have absolutely nothing to lose and are in a position to really put a hurting on Milwuakee's season if they can get it together. Of course, that's a big if, because they're not in the basement for lack of trying. They haven't gotten it together much of the season and now they're tissue paper thin on the blue line. And have been off for almost a week. They're gonna be rustier than a box of wet nails.

The defensive woes look to stick around, too, as Justin Falk earned himself a concussion in his first NHL game last night with the Wild. Poor kid. And on an apparently dirty play, too. Welcome to The Show, where headshots "won't be tolerated."

I guess if you have to get your bell rung, you might as well do it making "show dough." Buy yourself something nice, pumpkin. Just not a book or TV or exercise equipment... Maybe a really nice pillow so you can sleep this thing off.

In other news, Sifers and Earl were both put on waivers Friday, but the way the Wild are getting injured, and the fact that the team can keep a waived player on the roster for another 30 days after they clear, I would anticipate them staying up.

Also, Wade Dubielewicz was reassigned to Houston this morning, so presumably he'll back up Khudobin this weekend.

Elsewhere, in case you missed it, a little bit of AHL history was made last night as Binghamton Senators goalie Chris Holt scored a goal for only the 10th time ever in the league.What's more, he was only the 6th to do it directly, as opposed to an own goal by the other team where the opposing goalie was the last to touch it.

I've been keeping up with the news on it (and hope to have good quality video on it this morning sometime) over at InGoalMag.com.

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artandhockey said...

Sad news, poor Falker.. you are now playing in the big league where concussions abound, lately!
But watching hockey is fun and sure beats sitting at home, whatever the outcome, unless of course you'd rather watch basketball marathonss - daily, nightly..or go to the Museum of Fine Arts and (may)be shocked ;-)!