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Friday, March 26, 2010

Moving right along: Aeros 3, Monsters 2

I almost forgot about the letter W, it's been so long and so rare that the Aeros have won.

A win is great and loooong overdue, but this one makes me a little bit sad. Hear me out:

The game was between two teams who are out of the playoff hunt, nobody really had much on the line, not much in the way of physical play. Not flat, but not mountainous either, if you know what I mean. Just a steady pace from both teams.

And then early in the third, the Monster's Philippe Dupuis checked Cody Almond into the boards along the Aeros bench. Together, they had enough forward momentum that they went down the boards shoulder-to-shoulder and Almond got his head creamed into the pad that covers the corner of the glass at the end of the bench.

They showed it a few times and man, he was lucky to leave the ice on his feet instead of a stretcher. Whip lash, bitches. Big time.

I was thinking, before I saw the replay, "Why isn't anybody going after that guy?" Well, it just took a minute. Danny Irmen stood up for his teammate on a shift not long after, though there wasn't much to the fight, but that wasn't the point. Dupuis kinda sorta had to answer for his actions, because this is hockey and that's how it's done.

What happened after that, though, is the part that makes me sad. Suddenly, the energy on the ice and in the building completely changed. The boys were FIRED UP. There was passion like I've rarely seen from this team. They were united; playing for each other.

Maybe I'm making up drama that wasn't there (wouldn't be the first time), but I don't think so. Gillies got a penalty shortly after all this and I've never seen the kid so mad in the box. Great stuff. And lots of chippiness from everyone until DiSalvatore tied it up 11 minutes into the third on a power play.

But here's what bums me out: Why did a key member of the team have to have his head lopped off for this team to suddenly find some unity and passion? All season long, they've been hard working, high character, tough to play against. All those things promised at the beginning of the season. But no passion, no spark.

So, I just have to wonder... if they'd been able to find that "playforeachother"ness that I saw tonight back in, say, December, I really think we'd be buying playoff tickets right now instead of renewing season tickets.

Untapped potential, unfulfilled promise: Always a bit disappointing. But I don't mean to be such a Debbie Downer. It was a spirited win and the boys deserve credit for figuring out to---for heaven's sake---shoot high on Weiman. Wow. Did you see that? Both DiSalvatore and Earl's goals about put a hole in the roof of the net. Weiman didn't even come close. But they were great shots, too.Can't deny that.

Anyway, the Aeros now have 71 points, thus crushing my dream of them ending the season with 69 points. I know it's incredibly juvenile but that's what happens when you're into garbage time. You start getting punchy with nothing new to say.

No John tonight, so this and the paper are as good as it gets for game detail. Sorry about that. Andrew might have some more for ya later, too.

PS... I also wanted to give props to the Aeros staff for changing the Stars of the Game on the fly when Earl scored the game winner. Normally the stars are chosen 5 mins before regulation is over which means with overtime and shootout dramatics, they can sometimes be a bit bewildering. So kudos for calling an audible and getting it right. All teams should do that.


FinnAir said...

Wild prospects finish second from the bottom in THN's Future Watch 2010. Top 10 prospects for the Wild according to THN:

Ms. Conduct said...

Second from the bottom? Hey, we moved up!!

artandhockey said...

Line up as expected from all I've read.

FinnAir said...

Philadelphia is the bottom club.
They forgot about this guy who has been tearing up the Finnish elite league this year:


Playing in the same line with Jakub Petruzalek and Justin Morrison. Niko Hovinen has also improved a lot.

Forecheck said...

I was wondering if the guys hadn't recieved a talking to from On High.

Beautiful goal by Earl - eapecially the way he moved into the zone. Maybe he gets added to my "keeper" list. But that would increase the list to four, which is too many.

Hockey's Future still has the Wild as well-deserved 30th.

That puts them behind Anaheim which doesn't even have an AHL team....

Scandella and Cuma will have to go straight to the NHL..we will probably need Hackett as I doubt we will retain any goalies.

Leddy was traded to the Blackhawks.

Forecheck said...

Speaking of the three stars of the game, how on earth in a 3-2 OT win can all three stars be form the same team?

I know we've gone through this before, but it underscores the often amature nature of the Aeros' game production - be it spotlights that can't find the choir, mics that aren't turned on, bands that sound just plain awful, etc.

B2Bomber said...

We'll the winning streak ends at 1 after last night's loss in Peoria. This has been one disappointing season. I mailed back my STH form last week after much consternation. I'll give it one more year. It seems that my money may be better spent on just paying for the video feed.

Sundays in 110. said...

I have not heard any news on Cody Almond after the friday night run in with the glass. Does anyone have an update, it looks as if he was out cold for a bit.

I renewed my season tickets as and will continue to make as many games as I can, wins or not. As of next year I'll be Sundays in 108!

Anonymous said...

Hockey in Houston - win or loose - is surely better than NO hockey in Houston.
Unless y'all love to drive/fly elsewhere for hockey fixes?

artandhockey said...

Let's face it, fans will complain at times. So it was a bad year, so no play offs this time, other teams have gone that route, too, only to come back the stronger the following year (f.i Wolves).
I like hockey in any shape or form;
well, of course a winning team every year would be heaven, but..as Anon said 'Hockey IN Houston is better than NO hockey'! I concur fully with that sentiment!
And sorry, B2Bomber, LIVE, good or bad, action beats TV anytime, IMO, the sound and feel of fans' ambience/reactions just adds so much. And less blather by commentators (LOL).