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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Interesting piece on relocation

In my reading last night, I came across this piece.

It discusses the possible sites of relocation should an NHL team decide to move.

Houston is always in the mix, but, as per the usual, is in the second tier or so.

Give it a look and comment on what you think.

Tickets to NHL games in Houston would mirror those of what Stars fans are paying.
Would you support the NHL in Houston?


Anonymous said...

I'm an Aero's season ticket holder along with some friends. We've had some discussions about what we would do if Houston got an NHL team. The verdict is that we would go to fewer games but that it would be worth it for the increased level of competition and especially seeing the big names come in here.

BTW, I don't want to join the group in that link but someone needs to to tell them that the Houston Aeros are still around.

Anonymous said...

Would you support the NHL in Houston?

I would if I could afford it. I'm retired....what does that tell you.

Forecheck said...
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Forecheck said...

Hamilton is number one, if the Leafs don't object too much.

Cincinnati - I grew up near there. Dying city, particularly the inner city, in a dying state. Depressed economy. Probably less hockey interest there than any other part of the state other than the southeast.

Houston - Not a hockey city, corporate support would be minimal because of tight balance sheets.

No NHL in Houston for me, no matter how bad the AHL team gets. I'll take a competitive ECHL team first.

BobbyR said...

My support for a NHL team in Houston would be by watching them play on TV. I would only attend 2 to 5 games a year at those ticket prices versus the 40 games with the Aeros.

That is why I do not care to see a NHL team come to town, too expensive for my taste for center ice seats. I do not like the upper deck tickets for the couple Rockets games I go to each year, too far from the action and those are $43/game.