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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aeros lose 3-1 to Milwaukee (now w/ photos!)

You used to losing yet? I kinda am. Not that it's fun or anything, but if I'm remotely entertained by a game, it's a win. And so far, really, since the boys have fallen out of realistic contention, I can't complain. The games have been entertaining.

I used to love fights when I first started watching hockey, but they don't excite me too often any more. However, the one tonight between Straub and Grant was pretty damned good. Both guys were just throwing bombs and it was like, "Where'd THAT come from?" which are kinda my favorite fights. Just, like, spontaneous hatred. Great stuff.

Also, it does seem Grant lost a tooth in the ordeal. The story in the press box is that that's what Daoust was handing to Grant in the penalty box, but it seems like they'd have sent him to the doc, right? The toughness of hockey players seemingly has no bounds. Not sure if I'm starting a myth by writing about this here, but maybe one of the guys knows more. (Okay, so maybe none of that happened, but it's a damn good story, so I'm leaving it.)

Other than that, what's worth mentioning tonight? The one 5 on 3 PP goal by Daoust from a rebound off a Noreau Special was nice. The 47 times they whiffed or missed a pass in front of an open net... not so nice. There's a theory that you create your own luck but I think that's bullshit. These guys created some amazing chances for themselves tonight and had no luck at all. No bounce went their way all night long, at least when it came to getting the puck in the net. A foot off here, a foot off there. It should have been 10-3 for how many times that puck should have gone in.

Credit to Dekanich though, he kept 'em out. Wasn't pretty, but doesn't need to be. On the other hand, I was a little bothered by some of Khudobin's reactions tonight, just from a "goalie scout" standpoint. I was getting a lot of frustration from him and lots of body language that seemed rather petulant to me. I expect a better mental game out of him at this point.

I'm sure there's more... and we will have pics from Chris "Breakfast Tacos" Jerina later...but, dawg, I am tired and going to bed now. See you tomorrow. 3:05 p.m. puck drop!

UPDATE: Here's photos from last night.

Hasn't been enough of this, but it's nice to see:

Toe save, bitches:

Photos by Chris "I thought Houston was hot!" Jerina


artandhockey said...

Yes, NO Lady Luck last night, see what I wrote )and some pics) right after the game !

BobbyR said...

Whatever it was that Daoust handed to Grant in the penalty box was black, appeared to be about one inch square and about 1/4-inch thick and they set it on the shelf. I never saw Grant pick it up, he may have. I cannot confirm or deny if he did.

This was from my 2nd row seat view in 108, Ms. C. So, in my opinion it was not a tooth.

Ms. Conduct said...

Come on. Tooth is MUCH better story.

Fred Trask said...

Ahhh, Straub hit him so hard the tooth turned black and fell out. :-)

Chris Jerina said...

Props to Ms.C for getting the pics up after trying to drink me under the table ;)

I will have a proper gallery up later this week with more photos.

Was great to meet a few T3I guys at the Maple Leaf last night!