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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brust to undergo foot surgery

Hang on while I get some tissues...


So, it appears we've seen the last of Barry Brust with the Aeros this season. That stubborn foot pretended to be fixed, and it got him through 31 games this season between Houston and Florida, but it wasn't all better and started bugging him again recently.

And now, says Brusty, it's surgery time. They've told him he'll be out 6 weeks, which means he could possibly catch some playoff action in Florida if everyone's game for it. And who wouldn't be game for Brusty?

Anyway, so it sounds like they'll be doing the surgery in the next week or so here in Houston, so hopefully we'll still see* him around the halls before the final horn on this season blows. <---spot the subliminal message

Of course, we wish him a successful and speedy recovery, some good drugs, and may that foot never utter a peep of discontent for the rest of his playing days.

*And by "see" of course, I mean "stare lustily at"

Photo by Fred "another guy we really miss" Trask


CatTrick said...


Cookie said...

Sorry that Barry won't be playing for you guys, but on the Mr. Fred part...did ya happen to notice the team not doing well is due to Fred being gone from the rink? I do believe he is the Chicago billygoat. If someone within the front office would just admit she was wrong, the goat, er...Fred would be back and the good karma, as well. LOL

Forecheck said...

Well, that solves the goalie issue, I guess (shrug).

Not that it hurts our playoff chances or anything.

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artandhockey said...

So it is out .. good luck BB.

Ally said...

UGH! That's all I can say. I guess I don't need to bring my "In Brust We Trust" sign anymore...

Ms. Conduct said...

Just the idea of that sign warms the cockles of my heart. And then makes me crazy sad.

artandhockey said...

according to latest numbers AEROS in last place after both Rampage and Peoria won!
SO SAD! :-( :-(
Still it is Hockey and IN HOUSTON!

B2Bomber said...

I won't be at the game tonight due to family obligations BUT I did notice on the Aero's site that Dubbie was called up to the Wild. (Along with Earl, Sifers, and Kalus...am I leaving anyone out?) I'm wondering who's going to back up Khudobin? Hope the Aeros win. I'll be on the road but will check in when I stop at the hotel.
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