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Friday, March 12, 2010

Heartbreaker: Peoria 4, Aeros 3

As passionless as this season has felt, this game finished with as much passion as I've seen out of this team all year.

The Aeros were up early thanks to two goals from JM "I'm little but I'm clutch" Daoust, until late in the first when Lars Eller scored for Peoria.

What sank the team was a really abysmal 2nd period that left me wondering what brand of vodka they were drinking in the second intermission. Just a messy, messy period. And Peoria capitalized with a goal by Drazenovic to tie it up.

All was well and honestly, Khudobin was unreal... until Porter blasted a shot that hit his pad, hit the inside of the post, and in. All goals suck as a goalie, but goals like that especially suck. I felt for him after having played so well, but you have to stop that.

The Aeros buckled down hard and played some seriously inspired hockey to try and get that goal back, particularly DiSalvatore, who created opportunities left and right. But then basically caused the game winner by coming on for the pulled Khudobin and whiffing on a pass attempt that resulted in a turnover and empty net goal.


It was a thriller to the finish though, as the Aeros did actually make up one goal in the two-goal deficit with 33 seconds on the clock thanks to Nathan Smith, but the 33 wasn't enough to get 'er done.

It was, for me, the most heartbreaking finish of the year. As I tweeted, I literally had to fight back tears. Granted, it was too little too late and that second period and sketchy goal killed them, but it was the first time I really FELT something from this team. Know what I mean?

They wanted it. They just didn't want it bad enough soon enough.

I didn't talk to KC after the game but it looks like Andrew and I are cross-posting, so I'm sure he'll have more for you. This chair is making my butt hurt, so I'm going home.


Forecheck said...

I'm not sure they didn't want it bad enough or soon enough, it has to do more with thefact that they aren't a very good hockey team.

You can want it badly and soon, but when it comes down to boys vs. men, the men win every time.

artandhockey said...

What boyz? Wish they were boyz!
The word tonight is Dillashila... duh!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear, Armstrong, the backup goalie the Aeros called up from Bloomington Prairie Thunder (IHL)last night was injured. So lets hope Khudobin stays healthy.

Ms. Conduct said...

That is in fact the case apparently! Oh, Google Reader, you FAILED me!

Moreover.... poor Armstrong. That sucks for him.

Forecheck said...

Bloomington Prairie Thunder??

OMG, we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel!!!

artandhockey said...

So Jeff Crawford.. the one or twice gaolie of distinction.. was the emergency back up for the emergency back up goalie...signed and released all in one day!
GODD BYE Aeros, am sad to say!BTW THE word is perishame...I leave the interpretation for that,
to FC,;-)!

Forecheck said...

Perishame - When you die, of course!

Anonymous said...

You should be glad Armstrong got hurt, the Prairie Thunder are in the same boat as the aeros with at LEAST 4 goalies so far this year....maybe they should start looking for some kids from the Illinois State University hockey club, or even Heartland Community College for that matter.(go RIVERMEN!!! they are only a 1/2 down the road)-->

Forecheck said...

Well, we just signed someone out of the IHL, so the bottom scraping continues...