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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aeros lose 2-1 in OT to Milwaukee

Oh, I'm sad. I asked my new Brusty bobblehead before the game if the Aeros would win and he was definitive in his affirmation. "Yes yes yes yes yes," he said.

Alas, I think the results were skewed by his inability to shake his head. But the boys held out pretty good and got a point out of the game. Shame they can't donate these points to a charity that could use them. Like the Binghamton Senators.

Not a lot to say about this game except that a) Dubie didn't get pulled and actually played... well, he kept the puck out of the net, stopping 26 of 28 shots b) the boys still played hard and showed a lot of gusto even when, really, there's only pride to play for at this point.

I loved the Earl, Kassian, McMillan line. And starting them? Haha. Cool.

Anyway, I think John will be on later with less nonsense and more real stuff.

But I do have pictures!

Ladies? You feelin' it? Oh yeah. Hot.

Earl's goal and Kassian's ass. Not sure which I like more....

Game winning goal from Dietrich and Max's ass. I KNOW which of those I like better...

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artandhockey said...

Well, well, well..just got home and see THIS!
Cool, ahem, HOT stuff!
At this time it's good to have oodles of humor, but then that may be all to have ;-)!
BUT, there will be next year! And a new(?), young(?), and for sure, very hungry, team for fans and others to dream and drool over!

I forgot what Hacket (Goalie) looks like or some of the other 'young stuff' they signed last June/July & deposited into the juniors to keep 'em growing and maturing ;-)!
Just go back into my very early posts and see the photos I managed to scrounge up..then.